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Symton® Black Soldier Fly

Snap 'N' Stack (4 pack)

Snap 'N' Stack (4 pack)

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Let's face it... most reptile owners do not stop at just one reptile. We are 100% with y'all, and we've designed a product that employs space-saving technology by allowing you to stack your Symton 120gal reptile enclosures on top of each other! The Snap 'N' Stack parts are customized to fit specifically with Symton® enclosures, providing enough support and stability for the top enclosure, while leaving an inch of space above the bottom enclosure for airflow. 
Installation is simple! Just insert the pegs into the top of the bottom enclosure, then slowly slide the top enclosure onto the pegs until all four corners snap into place. It's that easy!
We advise keeping your lightest and less humid enclosures on top. Lights can be mounted to the walls or hung from the cylindrical support bars that come with the updated enclosures.

WAIT...what's the difference in version 3 and version 4?! 

Before making your purchase, please make sure you are selecting the correct version for your new enclosure. Our new version 4 enclosures offer a rounded corner requiring version 4 snap 'n' stack tools whilst versions 1, 2, and 3 enclosures are squared, requiring version 3 snap 'n' stacks. 

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