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Not Bad

Not Bad. My husband drilled holes in one side so it would double as a "strainer," because apparently the strainer they sell on this website is the size of kitchen strainer, and much too big for straining larvae by the lizard tank.

Will order again

Arrived quickly. Lots of bugs. Beardie loves them. Will be ordering again shortly.

Holes are too small

I was very excited to try this product because I have some issues with the use of my hands after a back injury and picking out individual larvae can be incredibly time consuming. Unfortunately, the holes are too small for the little bits of substrate to get through which means that you end up having to pick them out again. This would be an amazing product if the holes were just a little bit bigger.

Hi Jamie! Typically the the Symple Bug Campturer is used to scoop up feeders i.e. sifted larvae, dubias, etc. For sifting we recommend the Symple Sifters because they're the best for getting all the bedding out :)
Great With Strainer!

If you buy this and the strainer that is available, it is a great combo! Use this to catch the bugs (hence the name) and then drop them in the strainer to remove substrate!

Doesn't work very well.

Each side has 4 tiny holes. It's extremely slow to get the substrate out. Not worth it.


It was great thank you! My beardie loves his new food

Symple Bug Capturer

Revolutionary bug catcher and dispenser. Get the feeding done without touching the bugs! Works on crickets, mealworms, superworms, roaches, and Symton BSFL.
We know your reptile can't get enough of our staple feeders, but do our little critters... bug you? We've got just the thing! Introducing our new Symple Scooper - with the ease of using a pair of scissors, you can grab your feeders, enclose them in a clear globe, and then release them in front of your pets without needing to touch the bugs.
This revolutionary tool is bringing countless insect-hating individuals and insect feeders together as one to make their pets happy. Buy yours today before they're all gone!
Capsule Diameter 2"

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