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Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Ann Greig (Salt Lake City, US)
Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae for my Starlings

These are not the largest worms, but they're nice chubby, wiggly little guys, very healthy. I don't know what the substrate is that they're kept in, but they seem pretty happy and have been slow to pupate - yay! Will keep ordering =)

Canned Dubia Roaches
Jayson (Bradenton, US)
A lifesaver!!

I found these feeders on Chewys which lead me here to the website!! Best feeders I've found, especially since I live in Florida and can't buy live Dubai anymore! Every reptile owners needs to know about this company! Thank you!!

Medium Dubia Roaches
Customer (Sacramento, US)

Medium Dubia Roaches

Wholesale Live BSFL
Natures CUC and Feeders (Quail Valley, US)
Best BSFL hands down

The quality of the bugs is amazing and customer service is also on point! Orders always arrive alive, and packing is always neat.

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
John Ketterer (Southampton, US)
Never a complaint

As always, arrived alive and fresh.

Ice Pack (1-Count)
Nichol Martinez (Phoenix, US)

Half of each container was dead. However I did pick them 3-4 days of arrival. They were held at Post Office. And as for the ice packs. They were thawed.


Easy to put together and very reasonably priced. Will definitely be ordering another one.

Perfect for my Beardie !

This is the perfect enclosure for my bearded dragon and we couldn't be any happier. It was very easy to put together and everything fit together nicely. Great quality and a great price and a happy dragon. It's all I could of hoped for.

Sift & Scoop Combo
Jenny (Lakewood, US)
Love it

This makes feeding my dragon so easy.

Happy customer

Love ordering from Symton. My deliveries always are alive and great sized. They are my go-to company for my bearded dragon.

Female Adult Dubia Roaches
A.W. (White House, US)
Very happy

I was pleasantly surprised about the replacement female breeder Dubai’s. Company sent new females to replace the ones that had died and They are healthy active and I am very very pleased. I will definitely be ordering from Symtonbsf again.

Perfect other then acrylic doors.

Absolutely love our enclosure and so does our ball python! The only thing I changed was I bought glass for the doors to replace the acrylic. The acrylic flexs to much for snakes and they can easily get through them.

Large Dubia Roaches
Nichol Martinez (Phoenix, US)

Large Dubia Roaches

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jeffery R Oates (Gladewater, US)

They arrived in excellent shape and have grown so much since. It’s hard to keep food available for them they eat so much

Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae
shari niehl (Bellevue, US)
perfect substitute

we used these as a substitute for the babysitter when we were in vacation.

Small Dubia Roaches
Katrina Wooley (Menifee, US)
My bearded dragon loved them!

I gave my 11 month old bearded dragon these small dubia roaches. She absolutely loved them! She was running around her tank trying to catch them. All of the dubias arrived alive and on time.

Ice Pack (1-Count)
teresa catalano (Rialto, US)

Ice Pack (1-Count)

Drogon LOVES It!!!

I bought this habitat a while ago, and I didn't get a chance to set it up until last night. My beardie LOVES it!! He didn't fuss at all and slept like a baby! Very easy to assemble and well worth the price, and then some!!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Danielle Trockels (Clearwater, US)
Great quality feeders, fast shipping

My reptiles love them!

Ice Pack (1-Count)
Judith Marra (Little Rock, US)
Great Product

There were no dead bugs upon arrival. We always are happy with the bugs we receive from symton.

Excellent service

The compost grade larvae arrived in good order and quickly settled into our compost in less than 60 seconds flat. All were very active on arrival. We attached the cold packs to the order.

The mature ones from a previous order have been enjoyed immensely by our chickens and quail.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jennifer Ray (Aliso Viejo, US)
Will be ordering here from now on

Got bugs on time and they were all alive! They’ve lasted almost a month and I still have so many love ones! About to place my second order

My guy loves them!

He comes running to the front of his house when he sees me coming with the BSFL. He's healthy and growing at a very fast pace - probably because they're so nutritious ;-)

Ice Pack (1-Count)
Brittany Fairless (Shepherdsville, US)

They actually sent me 600 instead of 500! They were all alive and my dragons and gecko went crazy for em.

No-Escape Food Bowls
E.C. (El Paso, US)

I got the small bowl for my leopard gecko and it worked great. Even the big dubia roaches could not get out!!! 15/10 recommend. AND THATS ON GOD!!