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Good reptile enclosure for the price

Symaton makes a great enclosure. The cage is very easy to assemble and comes with a mallet to put enclosure together. Took me about 10 minutes to put together. Only thing I don't like about the enclosure is the plexiglass sliding doors... sand gets in between the panels and scratches them, besides that the cage is pretty good. I would definitely recommend this enclosure.
Gene S.
Erie Pa

Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae
bradley (Brevard, US)
Compost colony

These are essential to organic trash disposal in my compost bins. It may be a bit early for them (because it's cold) but they know to burrow deep as they devour food scraps, vegetable waste, leftovers, cardboard, newspaper and junk mail. With the help of the earth worms I've introduced, everything turns into a black substrate that goes into the gardens.

Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jackson Laker (Antioch, US)
Best place to get bsfl hands down!

Always arrive healthy, beardies and gecko love them!

Canned Mealworms
Dawn Bullock (Sacramento, US)
Great product

Wonderful value, easy open & pets enjoy them.

Small Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Valarie Lewis (Boyne City, US)
Healthy and Hungry!

Would order again!

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Hayden Reynolds (Tampa, US)

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Very light easy to carry. Good delivery

I liked the enclosure except the building process was a bit of work for me. I’m not so strong woman so I had to hammer so many times to get all hinges to fit all the way. Also I had to search YouTube for the actual instructions because I couldn’t figure out easily. Perfect size for my dragon in my relatively small apartment.

Silkworms (20 count)
Dean (Tampa, US)
My Bearded Dragon Gobbles Them Up!

Ordered a container when Symton first offered them. To be honest, there weren’t 20 in the container and some were DOA. When I did my standard order for BSFL, I also ordered another container of Silkworms but commented about not having 20 and some being DOA. So I asked that they add a few more to the container on my current order. To my surprise when I received the shipment, there were 2 containers of 20 Silkworms along with the BSFL..

Symton’s Customer Service is phenomenal! Thank you Lindsey and Symton!

Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Preston (Chicago, US)
Great stuff, great company.

Love the company! Their stuff is high quality! Just dumped a bunch of BSFL in a bin with compost and it gets turned into dirt! The cans are nice for shelf stable/portable food for our animals.

Nice overall

The construction of the enclosure overall seems very nice and sturdy. I have not yet been able to put my king snake in it because the hole cut for the cord pass through is too small/mis-shapen and I had to order a replacement but it feels sturdy overall. All the other pieces fit together perfectly.

If I can I will update my review once my snake is inside and construction is done

Small Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jared Ostrem (Stanhope, US)

Small Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Medium Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Annie (Seattle, US)
Best BSF larve, consistent, quality, fast shipping.

My go-to for all things grub!

Small Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Tao Long (Nashville, US)
long time subscriber

we have been subscribing for more than one year and the delivery has been always successful. they can last in the container for more than one week through out the year and arrive alive.

Medium Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jason Hummel (Mesa, US)
Bad service. Website sucks!!

Did not put the hold at hub sticker on package so it got delivered to our mailbox in Arizona. Ugggh couldn’t cancel my subscription because the website is horrible. They used to be a great provider, now they are into to many products. Go back to being a feeder provider.

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Julie Young Andrews (Clovis, US)
Healthy and Hungry Soldier Fly Larvae

Used for composting

Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Faith Gaudi (Christmas, US)
Better than ever expected!

I was kind of hesitant to buy because I couldn't believe the price. Instead, I got so many great alive worms at a price that was genuinely unbelievable to me. So glad I found this company and can't wait to try the scooper with my next order.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’)
David Lamparter (Orlando, US)

great value and great quality

Chameleon Feeder Refill Kit
Josh (Dallas, US)
Live Feeders

I’ve ordered feeders from them a few times now. The bsfl, pupae, roaches, and hornworms have arrived healthy and mostly alive each time which is great…better than from other suppliers I’ve used in the past. However, two of the 3 silk worm orders were basically dead and rotted by the time they arrived. The other time, they were all healthy and alive. I’d love an option to expedite shipping to a guaranteed 2 day instead of the normal 3-4 day option so more silks arrive healthy. I wouldn’t mind spending a little more for better success.

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Rebecca Abreu (New Orleans, US)
Compost grade soldier fly larvae

Tons of little buggers and a great price! I found my new method for raising BSF for my chickens:)

Not sure on the delivery

I received an email that said I would receive my package on the 20th when I got home on the 18th and found my order on the porch the outside temperature was 17° and my bugs were cold I think they all served but other than that all is well

Large Black Soldier Fly Larvae
John D. (Houston, US)
Excellent feeder

The BSFLs arrived in great condition. They are nice sized and active.

Canned Grasshoppers
javier valle (Miami, US)
Shocked 😲

Arrived super fast AND my dragon ate them no problem!

Silkworms (20 count)
Alicia Buckingham (Scottsville, US)
All alive and healthy!

I am completely satisfied with the silkworms I received! I received more than 20 and they were small and perfect sized. Having them arrive small is best because some people need smaller sized worms for their pets, and if you need larger worms, you simply let them grow. Hence why the listing states they are packed with food for continued growth. Now the food will dry out over time, at no fault of symton. You can't expect the food to stay moist forever. You can easily buy more food online if needed. I love Symton and they truly care about their customers. If you're unhappy with your order, they ALWAYS make it right. Stuff happens and you can't expect orders to be perfect all the time. We never know how the packages are being handled during the shipping process, so it's best to not assume Symton is at fault. Symton is always going to have me as a customer, and I feel great knowing that they will go above and beyond to address any issues I may encounter.

Symton® Sassy Frass (Black Soldier Fly Frass/Casting/Compost)
Thomas Patrick (St Louis, US)
Awesome company

My order had an issue and Symton made it right ASAP. I definitely appreciate prompt service, especially when there was an issue with the order. I will definitely order from them again as soon as I need more.

Chameleon Feeder Refill Kit
Krystal Limon (Fort Worth, US)
Perfect variety for a picky eater!

This selection makes feeding time fun for the whole family!! And makes for one super happy chameleon. Love the variety of sizes of the critters as well. Everything always arrives quick and ALIVE.