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Hornworms (12 count)
Thomas Jankowski (Saint Augustine, US)

Reasonably priced for the amount. Shipping took longer than I thought though. Overall, cheaper options than the local pet store.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Corey Norton Corey Norton (Lufkin, US)

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4

Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae (5 oz)
Matthew Hembrook (Phoenix, US)

My chickens love their new treats! Great product and company to work with. Will be a repeat customer for sure.


My baby girl Zelda (bearded dragon) loves these! They are perfect for when you run out of live insects or just for treats!

Where is my package?

My package was due on 3/13, I don't have it yet and you don't respond to my asking for the tracking number.
I left my query on your page, with note and email Addy.
Received a response finally. That's better!

No-Escape Food Bowls
Melissa Young (Edward, US)

Works exactly as described!!!

Male Adult Dubia Roaches
Ian B (Harrisburg, US)
Great quality

Breeding pair arrived alive and well! They are thriving in my colony! I will be ordering more!

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Gabriel Lechuga (Glen Burnie, US)

Arrived in excellent condition and alive. Shipping was fast. Love the branding and as someone who works in marketing the about us page was a fun read. Will be ordering more for sure.

I guess you get what you pay for

I visited a reptile show in a nearby town this past weekend and they were having a sale on this enclosure, saying they were trying to get rid of merchandise in the warehouse. I should have know that something that large, that cheap was too good to be true. The back panel does not sit in groove at the top of the frame. Everything is flush and it still does not line up causing a 1/4 in gap. Inserting the panels was not hard but getting them to not shred as you are doing that is nearly impossible. Right out of the gate one of the side panels was missing a corner, looked like it had been dropped. All in all its not a bad idea it just very crappy materials. Quality control and material selection seem to be an issue.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Rafael Deleon (Hasbrouck Heights, US)
120 gallon enclosure

Great Job on this product!! Really Good quality materials. Easy to assemble And my Snake is a Lot happier now. Thank you for the prompt delivery too. Looking to buy a second one.

Happy quail

My quail are loving the bsfl.
Also trying to raise some of them into flies in my greenhouse. So far they are doing great.
Symton is the only place I get my larva. Thanks for the great service

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Caitlin Welch (Foster City, US)
Top Notch

My beardie loves them and that means I love them too!

Insect Flight
Jordan Knox (Los Angeles, US)

Everything was packaged beautifully and everything is STILL ALIVE!!

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
James Mcdowell (Henderson, US)
Black soldier flies

Great job

Canned Crickets
Ian Silver (Phoenix, US)
The best

Best in the game! Content coming.

Heat Packs
Aaron Holan (Toledo, US)
My review on Symton BSFL

When I got my BSFL they all were alive and so healthy and my reptiles absolutely love their BSFL thanks Symton BSFL for your business I’ll be ordering again when I need more ! I highly recommend them if your looking for BSFL for your reptiles

120 Gallon Reptile Habitat

Ordered on Feb 18 and was delivered Feb 27. Under 2 weeks. Perfect! Easy enough assembling it. A couple connections needed some persuasion. Sturdy. Wilbur the bearded dragon loves it! All in all, 100% satisfaction.

Poor quality acrylic and missing parts

The cage itself is fairly sturdy for such a light enclosure if it is put together correctly, but is certainly not perfectly solid. While that is fine (it is supposed to be a light enclosure after all), the quality of the acrylic doors is terrible. They can be easily snapped in half, especially with leverage, and they bend quite easily. They're terrible for snakes, especially the size of snake I intend on putting in the enclosure (a growing boa constrictor). Because it comes without a lock, the doors can be slid open fairly easily. Thankfully I have a lock on hand so that isn't an issue but that doesn't change the fact that the doors can be bent, and any snake large enough to be housed in this enclosure can definitely bend the outside door outwards by pushing on it and sneak their head in between the gap in the doors. I can do the same thing with one hand, and I'm sure larger lizards could do it as well. Long story short, if you intend on buying this cage for a heavier-bodied snake, buy glass (or heavier acrylic) sliding doors and a lock to put on it.

I also didn't receive handles for the doors, and there was no way to install the screen support bars in the top of the cage. The directions stated to screw them in, but there was no holes to screw them into, no threading on the bars, and no brackets to put the bars in either. It seems there are very small holes where brackets are supposed to be mounted underneath the screen, but I did not receive any. The screen is very sturdy however, so it doesn't necessarily need the support bars as long as you don't put anything incredibly heavy on top of it. The setup of the cage was fairly easy but the directions aren't thorough at all and it's best figured out by looking at the diagrams.

Overall, I'm not the happiest with it, but it'll certainly do for a quite a while once I replace the doors.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
David Young (New Orleans, US)
Good Job

I do an auto ship and the quality of the BSFL has been great and the customer support was excellent when one shipment was lost by the Post Office.

Black Soldier Fly Prepupae
Bill Moloney (Merritt Island, US)
Worm Review

Healthy looking. Within a week we had happy flies. Very happy with our order. Will buy more soon.

Quality seems down of late, I don't like the medium the bsf were sent in last time

I'm a long time customer and I've always been satisfied, but unfortunately my last two shipments, spaced a month apart, were disappointing. The first shipment in January, the bsf were smaller than usual, and even though I keep them at 50 degrees in a wine fridge, they did not last the expected 4 weeks.
That's ok, I get it, its January, it happens, it was cold, etc.
However my February shipment came packed in a different medium, kind of half dirt/half the usual sawdust like material. The worms are much harder to get clean (I have a symton strainer, always worked fine before) and the worms looked less "appetizing" if that's a thing you can say about maggots. They were blackish/greyish (not their final stage, I understand they turn black as they mature), and quite a few have died already, just a week in.
The most important thing: My beardie seems less than enthused than usual with them. Maybe it's him and he's just in low power mode.
Love your product to this point, sorry to have a somewhat negative review.
I will try you again in March.

Excited to upgrade my ball python’s home

I am surprised by the durability, construction, and beauty of this enclosure for its price point. If you choose to purchase, definitely download the PDF instructions beforehand, because the instructions that are sent with are a bit confusing. I am adapting this to fit a high-humidity need, so I have sealed with aquarium silicone and will most likely replace the acrylic doors. I’m very impressed so far and can’t wait for my girl to explore her new home.

Great Enclosure and Service

Thank you for both my enclosures. They are made so well, quick assembly and sturdy for my Beardies. It is PVC so it won’t be as solid as wood but way lighter and just as good.

My o my suggestion would be to have the electrical hole on both sides. Great addition and versatility for minimal cost. Don’t hesitate to get one of these enclosures!

Bob's new digs

So got the new terrarium and put it together. Bob seems happy, quality is fair assembly instructions weren't the best but.if your mechanically inclined it really easy. Great product for the price.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Jean-Francois Desmarais (Lorraine, CA)
120g 4x2x2 enclosure

I’ve been a reptile hobbyist for some time and I was looking for a new enclosure for my bearded dragon.
I was looking for something more sturdy and better built vs the products commonly available at the pet store (exo, zoo med,…).
I was greatly supprised by my symton, to start, it was ship from the southern us to Canada and I received it well packed and un damaged, so thumbs up for packaging!
Then the extrusion (frame) is all aluminum, the top mesh is very sturdy and assembly was easy, the mallet is even included!
For the price, after days of shopping, there’s no way you can find something better.
I will definitely buy again!