See what everybody says about Symton™ Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Delicious (according to my beardie!)

Thorin loves these little guys and we've subscribed for a reoccurring oder!

Great quality!

Alive, active and running each time!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Excellent customer service

We are regular customers and frequently buy the large BSFL. The consistency and quality of the larva is excellent, and on the one occasion that our order was sub-par, customer service quickly reached out to replace our order with no hassle. Both us and our lizards love symton BSFL!

Great value

Best place to get good quality feeders at a great price and fast shipping. I highly recommend.

My beardie loves them!

My beardie absolutely loves them! All were alive on arrival and came pretty quickly.

Awesome service!!

My first batch came in dead and stinking, but they were replaced within a week and arrived great!! Thank you so much, when I need more I will definitely purchase from here!

Great service

Fast shipping!! All were alive!

Very happy with purchase

Almost all of the bsfl arrived alive and my bearded dragon really enjoys them.


Quick shipping, top quality BSFL. I also love the scooper and food bowl. My Beardie LOVES the larvae!

Awesome BSFL!!!

Best BSFL vendor I have dealt with. Only takes a couple days once shipped and the larvae are big and very active, and you get a bunch extra.

Good eats

My baby bearded dragon and turtles love the bsfl. Love this option for our family. Will be back for more.

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Open container

The product was good, but one of the containers were open and more than half of the larvae spilled all out into the box. Alot were dead, and it took me about an hour to try and get as much larvae out of the box as I could and back in the container.the other container was good. I wrote an email about this issue but no one responded.

Highly recommend

Excellent overall. Great service and quality!

Great service & fast shipping!

Our geckos and beardie love these! Thank you.

Great service.

Our No Escape Food Bowl arrived on time. It works well on the BSFL. I have only had one or two larvae escape the bowl when they climb on each other to get out, otherwise the bowl works very well.

Great Quality

I bought 600 large BSF larvae for my bearded dragon. They came relatively quickly, and I had them dropped off at my home because someone was there to pick them up. They were all alive and healthy looking, I couldn't find any dead larvae. My baby bearded dragon (he's about 3 months old) loves them! I don't put calcium on the BSFL but I do supplement them with a vitamin powder and a probiotic for bearded dragons. I've had them for almost 2 weeks now and they're still doing great. I will definitely be repurchasing.

500 BSFL Order

My order came in a few days ago, they were all alive, and they even threw in a few hundred extra. My guy loves them! Will definitely be ordering from them again.

Lively bugs!!!

My order came in really quick and the bugs were alive and lively.

The best

Will keep buying

Order of 1000 BSFL

Order came in a few days and all were alive and they even threw in a few hundred extras! I love this company. And my animals love their product!


Arrived in a very fast timely manner and were all alive and Rex “my dragon” seems to love them


Worms came in great condition. Healthy and thriving. Prices are amazing compared to what I was paying before at local pet store. I will be continuing to order.

lots of live BSFL delivered on time

First time ordering, I was very pleased with the packaging, shipping, and product. The scooper thing I ordered is useless (to me) since I have no aversion to touching the little buggers, I had hoped it would sift away some of the sand, but no luck. It would be a good buy for someone who didn't want to touch any wriggling food. Also, don't put these babies in the fridge, they will die.