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Fantastic creatures

These little guys are super strong eaters! I’m impressed with their weight gain in such a short time of having them.

Snap 'N' Stack (4 pack)
BRIAN VOGEL (Maitland, US)
Slick design

These fit perfectly and they really make stacking the enclosures incredibly easy!!

Very roomy, but tricky with lighting

Got this for an upgrade for my adult male beardie. Love all of the space this has. Very lightweight. Love the look. My only “issue” with this is how I have to place my heat lamp. I wish there was maybe a hook feature hanging from the top on one side for the lamp, so I can hang the lamp inside of the enclosure more easily. I tried to place the heat lamp on top of mesh, but the enclosure would not get warm enough, even with wattage changes. The bar that it comes with has fallen down, which caused my heat lamp to fall (which can be scary if I’m not home). Also it’s tricky for my tube UVB, as I prefer to hang it below the mesh, directly from the top. Also wish there were more holes for cords.

Small Dubia Roaches
Judith Marra (Maumelle, US)
Quality roaches

Fast shipping. Quality roaches

Canned Dubia Roaches
Fresh and loaded

Great gut loaded dubias during the colder months for my sav monitor

I love it, and so does my skink. Very durable and sturdy. I wish there were more cord holes or something other than the one side, but other than that it’s amazing! Definitely getting another one for my bearded dragon.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Taylor Bartosiewicz (Saginaw, US)
Great enclosure

The package arrived earlier than expected, and the enclosure looks great!

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Chloe Levan (Havre de Grace, US)

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4

Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Lindsey Clearwater (Arlington, US)
Great, consistent product

We use the canned BSFL during the really hot or really cold months and our bearded dragon doesn’t seem to mind at all. Great option!

Great value for the price.

Very large and tall space for 1/2 price of comparable. NOTE: may want to caulk the bottom insert.

Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Sabin shell (Kingsport, US)
Canned BSFL

Haven't used any yet, but I am glad to have them in case of emergency! I know my bearded dragon has a back-up food source.

Easy to assemble, good quality

I was skeptical of it would be sturdy enough while putting this together- but it came out to be quite durable, setting this up for a Bioactive enclosure- can’t wait!

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Megan Sizemore (Orange Park, US)
Love it

This enclosure is perfect. It was easy to assemble, holds heat better than a fully glass terrarium and my beardie loves it. So many options with this enclosure. The price was the best I could find with excellent quality! 1000 times recommend. The shipping was fast as well. I could go on and on about how much I love it!

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Aidan Williams (North Liberty, US)
Symton 120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4

Very nice tank, Especially for the price on sale well worth it. Easy build although I have built tanks before so I understood directions but I could see someone getting confused with lack of detailed steps. Rattles on the sliding doors a little if you bump the tank, but when opening and closing its very quiet. The mallet was nice to include for easier assembly.

Good product, but shipping sucks

I know with the holidays, shipping usually takes longer. I didn't expect it to take 2 weeks, though! Fortunately, the BSFL looked healthy when they arrived. I was expecting some to be dead from being in transit for so long, but they were all alive upon arrival. I ordered these on 12/26/22 and they didn't come until 1/10/23. I live in Southern California. I think it was a problem on USPS's end, not Sympton's. They usually come a lot quicker.

Best money spent

I bought 3 of these enclosures and am about to buy 2 more. Simple setup, sturdy, and lightweight when assembled. My husband and I easily moved it from the 2nd story to the 1st when we got new shelves set up. I have 2 downstairs and my daughter has the third. I am in love almost as much as my beardies are with their giant new homes!


I bought this through the chewy app I have. I am very pleased with your product and greatful I did not listen to other reviews. I am new to the reptile world and learning as much as I can for my step son. Very easy to put together, price is great and our bearded dragon loves his new home. I would be concerned for more aggressive escape artists as the doors seem like that would easily be pushed open by a snake or another lizard that tries to get out more. I need to get the aquarium sealer cause the corners allow for sand to spill out from time to time.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’) V4
Tonya Beaumont (Philadelphia, US)
Wow! I didn't expect it to be this good!

Given the cheap cost from the enclosure I didn't expect the best of quality. But it was easy to assemble and even came with a high quality mallet. It's sturdy. I added animal safe silicone to improve humidity since mine is for a snake. Suction cups work better in these than on my glass enclosures! The opening for cords is perfection. I can't wait to buy more for my snake room and stack another level up. Today is day 1 with the snake in the enclosure. I also enjoy that it's a full screen top. The mesh is extremely heavy duty unlike other screen tops I've had in the past. When I look to purchase additional enclosures to my snake room this will be my first choice. I can't wait to see what improvements are yet to come. Perhaps a thicker bottom board would be beneficial. It's the same thickness as the walls which aren't entirely as thick as I'd wanted. It's also difficult to pull the protective covering off the boards prior to assembly, but not impossible. It did arrive with corner protection on the shipping box which I greatly appreciate.

Great customer service

When my original order arrived late due to the weather causing mail delays, everything arrived dead. I reached out and you were quick to send me a replacement order. Thank you for taking care of this.

No-Escape Food Bowls
Roxanne Wells (Chandler, US)
They stay put!!!

Great bowl!

This is a great enclosure!

This enclosure is a great bang for your buck! It only took 30 minutes to put together by myself! It even has a stacking feature included for multiple enclosures! Do not hesitate to buy!


Got this tank for my son and our families first Bearded dragon. I have to say with very little knowledge on putting this together it was pretty easy to figure out not sure why others had issues. I put it together in less than 20 mins. I really like to fact the top is not just cheap mech and they used more of a harder metal to support the lighting. Our new family member Hersey loves his new home and it has given us so much more room in there to come up with ideas for him to explore. Thank you very much for the descent quality while providing affordable pricing . We really could not ask for more other than free stuff lol.

Better than ever!

I also have an older version of this tank and the newer version is easier to put together and looks great. My rat snake and blue tongued skink are both in these and loving them.

Amazing company

It took about 15 minutes tops to unwrap and assemble each enclosure, i didnt even need to use the intructions that came with the enclosure. Not only are these enclosure made with high quality in mind, the customer service is top notch! I placed 2 separate orders, the first order was 1 enclosure the second was for 2 enclosures. My orders arrived within the week. I only received 2 enclosures, one from each order. So I reached out by email, they got back to me the following business day and fixed the issue and had the third enclosure sent out that following day and it arrived within 3 days! There was damage due to shipping and they were willing to replaced the damaged part, but i opted out of the replacement part because the damage wasnt major. Then I placed an order for the spacers in order to stack the tanks and unfortunately I messed up and ordered the wrong version but I emailed support again and they were able to fix my mistake and send me the correct ones! I'll never order an enclosure from anywhere else this company genuinely cares about its customers!

Medium Dubia Roaches
Trish O. (San Lorenzo, US)
Great customer service

My shipment got delayed, was stuck for a week in Texas. Without question, they shipped more roaches to me. Pedro the Dragon was very happy to get his roaches. Thanks Symton! 🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳🪳