See what everybody says about Symton™ Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Great order

Flies arrived safe and shipping was fast. I will be ordering again.

Bearded dragon loves them

Awesome. My dragons love them

Came nicely packaged. All alive. Will order again

Recurring BSFL orders

I've had recurring orders of bsfl for a few months now & Symton always bills me the same day each time with healthy bsfl, they were super easy easy and helpful when I needed to change it from every 2 weeks to once a month

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

1st order of BSFL

I was very pleased with the packaging and condition of my BSFL. They all looked healthy and none seemed to be deceased! Very happy with my order and experience!

The best BSFL out there!

I ordered other bsfl from another company in the past and they were kept in top was awful getting them out. Symtons aren’t like that. Easy to separate in a strainer!!

Great service!

As always, you guus never disappoint. Your fast shipping and wonderful products are everything my dragons need! They love your BSFL!

Great quality

Every order has been excellent quality 👌🏼

Happy, all alive, perfect variety of sizes!

Never disappointed with symton's larvae :) I ordered medium as I know there is usually a mix of smaller sizes included and I have crested gecko hatchlings that need fed, so the medium is a perfect range of sizes for hatchling to 5 month old geckos(approx 2 to 5 grams).
My leo and beardie love them too :) Always recommend symton!!

Best quality - always.

Every time I have ordered from Symton, I have been 100% satisfied and so have my reptiles.

Best quality larvae I've ever purchased

I used to feed my Bearded Dragon BSFL I would buy in my local pet store. These containers were kept on the shelves refrigerated and often resulted in many dead larvae, and several would be in the pupated state. After deciding to order online from Symton, I'm very impressed. All of the larvae I ordered were healthy and active, and I couldn't find a single dead one in the container. Absolutely fantastic quality, fast shipping, and I have a much happier Bearded Dragon.

Symple Scooper

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Easy feeding perfect backup, and fun treat for lizards!

This things are HUGE. 4 or so, depending on the size of a pet can be a decent meal. My beardies were weirded out at first but luckily they know long tweezers = food whether it's moving or not. My larger beardie got so excited for more helpings that he fell off his bask rock in the scramble to the tweezers. Also great to mix up the regular feedings without keeping live roaches. Will continue to purchase.

Symple Scooper


I would rather use tweezers to pick out one by one as the scoop just collects alot of the stuff that the larvae comes in and the holes are to small to sift it out. But it does scoop.

Pleased beyond expectations

wonderful customer service and perfect sized calciworms.


I love your guys' BSFL they are the best. Pheonix worms suck compared to your quality, in my opinion. However, this batch turned black faily quickly alot are going to go to waste or be eaten as flies. Not blaming you, the temperatues have been crazy. Im just letting you know :) thank you! I promote you guys to everyone on my beardie facebook groups. I turn pheonix worms customers over to you and they are usually happy :)

Happy Beardie

They came on time. Plentiful amount to keep our beardie happy. She loves them!!

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


It would be higher, but I removed myself from the subscription option last month, but ended up still taking the money from my account.

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Fast shipping, great product

My BSFL arrived in a timely manner and were alive and well. My Beardie loves them!