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The BSFL I received are large and fat, my little beardie is in heaven!! Thank you for a quick shipment, I am thankful to find a supplier in Texas! I will be a repeat customer!

Bird Food

I placed my first order of 1,000 large larvae and they were a lot smaller than I expected. They were not anywhere close to the size on the picture above. I bought large larvae from a different supplier and they were a lot bigger. I've read many positive feedbacks about SYMPTON but I was disappointed with my first order. I will give it one more try.

The Wonders of Flight!

Wonderful variety of buggies for both my Bearded Dragons!! I love it! I did pay for 2-day shipping as since COVID and weather hit there always can be delivery delays I was worried about them arriving alive. All of the buggies arrived alive!! I love the concept behind the flight of feeders. My spoiled boys like a variety and this has been the best idea ever! Great feeders! Great minds!! Thank you Symtom!

Very happy need more!

Usually 10/10

The past two shipments of 1,000 Large BSFL I have received haven't looked like the Large I'm used to getting. They seemed much smaller, which in turn is less protein for my beardie. I'll give it one more try.

Beardie goes crazy for these

My beardie is a very picky eater and I was afraid she’d ignore preserved bugs. Not so. When she sees these in the dish she leaps out of her hammock and gobbles them up. I keep them on hand along with preserved crickets for those times in winter when it is too cold to ship live feeders. Would be great for travel too!

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

75% of the bsfl were dead

I got the order of BSFL and 75% were DOA even after warming up, there is a chemical smell, like amonia coming from both containers. I'm not holding symton responsible for that though, with the winter storms and such. Just means more greens for Happy my bearded dragon until I can order more.

Happy with the purchase

Would recommend.

Dragon Food

My baby Raptor loves these and gobbles them up and is a happy dragon 🐉

Ryu loves BSFL

Our little bearded dragon, Ryu, loves his BSFL. When he sees us getting the box we keep them in out he starts to dance all around his tank. But because of his excitement we have had to start giving them to him one at a time. If we don’t he will eat 3-4 at a time, silly boy. Besides that we are extremely satisfied with the speed of the shipment and the lives of the BSFL. Thank you very much.


Our bearded dragon loves these. Arrive quickly and great quality.

Female Adult Dubia Roaches


I posted a review stating the only issue I had was a mixup in qty ordered. Within 12-hours received an email with an apology and a replacement order. That is outstanding service and I will continue to purchase my little guy's food from this company. Thank you Symton!

Great quality & Fast shipping!

Thank you for having such great quality BSFL and for getting them to me right away when I need them. I will continue to order from you, in fact, I just set up auto delivery lol You guys are great!!

The dragon smiled!

Only complaint is I ordered a quantity of 2 x 200 and received 1 x 200. However, it's hard to complain when they're only $7 a container and my beardie's smile is priceless!!

My lizard loves them

I am new to the subscription, but my 1st order arrived on time and she is eating well

Great customer service and BSFL

My original order went missing, and when I emailed to ask about it, I received a reply quickly, a replacement was ordered for me. Great customer service! Thank you! Also, this was my first order of BSFL for our baby bearded dragon. She likes them (though they’re not as fun to hunt as little crickets). Will be ordering a new batch today.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Bought this for two Red Eye Tree Frogs and my Beardie. The RETF's eat the grub and my beardie eats *everything*! I'm so glad I found BSF larvae but this Flight is a great wait to spoil your babies.

Excellent feeders

Fast shipping great products!


Fantastic service ! Would highly recommend!


My Larvae’s showed up within 3 days and I did not receive any dead ones 👍🏾

Good quality

Very quick. Nicely packed but a little on the expensive side. My dragons loved them tho.

My beardie love em

He loves the flight! Horned worms were a little big for him though and ordered small.