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Snap 'N' Stack (4 pack)
Elliot Harkness (Minneapolis, US)
Improvements needed

I already sent and email to you guys but they need to be 5 inches or more tall so that you can have lights and heat for your cage under the top one I have since made my own out of hardware so no need but 1 inches is not sufficient room especially if you need a heat element the top cage will melt and like my email if you use my idea please send credit back to me thatnks

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
peggy timbers (Ft. Pierce, US)
not my lizards favorite

since they don't move a lot my lizards aren't attracted to them...but I like the nutrition value



No-Escape Food Bowls
Holly C Willis (Medina, US)
No Escape food bowls

I wanted to say that I absolutely love these bowls so much easier for my leopard geckos to eat out of. And it's very convenient the bowls came in excellent condition. I'm a very happy customer will order again ☺

Hornworms (12 count)
Valarie Ladouceur (Bryan, US)
Awesome Fat BSFL!

These guys are some of the biggest BSFL I've seen from any vendor. It's apparent that they're raised with extreme care. This is the only place I can get suitable BSFL from now. The hornworms were healthy as well and grew to a nice plump size without any die offs.


Always Great

Ive been buying my protein for my lizard exclusively from here and ive had no complaints, it’s practically completely automated so i don’t even have to worry about it. The different sizes and quantities have worked great as my lizard has grown and aged

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Shelly Rand (Little Rock, US)

Our bearded dragon loves them. Crickets in the morning and BSFL at night. Very happy with the product and that they have stayed alive 3 weeks and counting

True Heroes.

First of all, I want to say that these guys are awesome. I submitted my order but placed the wrong address for delivery. They communicated with me and did their best. Unfortunately the delivery went to the wrong address still. But! What they did next was awesome. They submitted a new shipment to my correct address and got my feeders. I'm raising multiple spiderlings so it was crucial that I got these as soon as possible.

They are the best.

Hornworms (12 count)
Nicholas Volpe (Philadelphia, US)

everything as expected

Symple Sifter
Phil P (Schenectady, US)
Pretty useful

Works great but some of the smaller bsfl will fit through the larger openings. Still worth it!

Quality product but not completely as advertised

First off, the quality of the larvae, shipping time, and how my bearded liked them are top notch. The only issue that I have with it was that I didn’t receive 200 and they aren’t all large. My bearded dragon eats 20 larvae a day and the shipment lasted 7 days. There weren’t any dead ones and I got every single one out, so the shipment was more like 140. I’m sure it’s difficult to hit an even 200 but to come up 60 short doesn’t seem right. If I’m paying for 200, I want at least 200. I’d like to use this product again but if it is always going to be like this, I may have to go another route.

John Ketterer (Philadelphia, US)
Good product

Nice and long. Makes it so easy to get roaches out of the bin for my beardies.

Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Marilyn Eisele (Cleveland, US)
It smells better than mealworms

I have a 14 year old starling that I regularly buy insects for. Crickets and mealworms mostly. I decided to try the Black Soldier Fly Larvae and found that it was quite pleasant to use. Starlings require a lot of animal protein, so I'm happy to know that the Fly Larvae are packed with it. I plan to buy more. They don't stink the way canned mealworms do. I'm glad I found the Symton website.


I got flies, exactly what I ordered

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Chana Driver (Fredericksburg, US)
Easy to feed

Hello, my dragon ate a few of them but then he spit one out. Now he won't eat any. They have turned into flies. I want to ask about dubias. I can't l do the full grown dubias but those 1/2 inch in size or smaller is what I can handle! lol

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Christine Miller (Englewood, US)
Our Beardie Thanks You

Our first order of Larvae came damaged & dead .. as soon as I informed your Co .. I received a full replacement. And very Quickly ! Thanks again !

Impeccable service

Bugs come on time and healthy.

Insect Flight
Krystyna Goldberg (Oak Park, US)
bearded dragon smorgasbord

our beardie loves the variety and the roaches and horn worms fill him up more than other insects so its a great value

Nice and Fresh

The frass is as advertised. It has that fresh smell that tells you it is going to be good for your soil mixture. I will be buying again and again.

Very easy and reliable!

Canned Dubia Roaches
Eric Dillard (Phoenix, US)

Roaches were great. Worms were DOA though

Hornworms (12 count)
Alexandra Corsello Murphy (Spring Hill, US)
Really big

A couple of our horn worms died because they were so big that they had eaten all of the food before I could feed them to our bearded dragons. I like getting large worms. But there is a limit.

Lord Rigsby Approved

Our Fancy Bearded Dragon loves his BSFL!! Auto ship is the best, takes all the worry away and they are always just as advertised!

Insect Flight
Ashley Byers (Anchorage, US)
Damaged order

I had an order deliver very damaged to the point everything died. I emailed customer service and without hesitation they got a new order out with no questions asked. I’ll definitely use them again!

Ice Pack (1-Count)
Moriah Stroh (Henderson, US)
Ice pack

Was small for its price and warm on arrival. Honestly in the Texas heat an ice pack or 2 should be given to ensure the product makes it to its destination alive.