See what everybody says about Symton Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Great quality every time!

Fantastic product and service!

This is the easiest, most cost-effective way to feed our beloved bearded dragon. Larvae arrive quickly, all alive despite frigid January temperatures, and keep for weeks in a cool basement. They're odorless, can't crawl out of their food bowl, and our extremely finicky dragon loves them. Superlative product from an excellent company.

Great product

Arrive alive; great product that my reptiles love.

Holy moly

It's crazy how much bigger and livelier these bugs are than the competitors definitely will be a return buy

Best Deals

I have found the best deals on this website. Scout jumps from his perch when he sees the bsf container. Having the bsf on auto ship was the best decision for him. Scout loves them.

Black fly larve

Arrived very quickly and in grest shape. Ive ordered from other places but these was by far the best I've received. Will order from again

Always great

As always, the BSFL arrive all alive and in great condition. I can always count on Symton for quality and great shipping.

The BEST source of BSFL

I’ve ordered from several other companies and Symton is hands down the best! Not only do they ship/arrive quickly but they’re plump and very wiggly, which my bearded dragon loves! Can’t say enough good things about this company and will continue to recommend them in all my bearded dragon groups.

Worms all arrived alive and well, but I am happy I picked up from post office since there was no heat source in the box (it was twenty something degrees). Shipping took awhile, I’m hoping this was due to the holiday, I believe from when it shipped took 5 days. All things aside I’m very happy with the price and can deal with the rest since I now know and can plan accordingly

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


I have no idea why I didn't get this sooner I had been getting one at a time out for my girl with twizzers and this is so much easier. It is a life saver I don't spend such a long time getting them for her now and trying to rush because she is excited to always see them lol. Wonderful product wish I had gotten it sooner.

Awesome! Will buy again!

We ordered the small BSFL for our juvenile bearded dragon. We will definitely be ordering again, but getting the medium or large. Love the fast shipping.

Most dead on arrival

Most of them were dead on arrival or died within a few days. Too cold. No heat pack when shipped and I didn’t see an option to add a heat pack.

Great feeders

Huge quantity and all alive upon arrival. Shipping was super fast and the quality is great. Will definitely be signing up for auto shipping.

Fantastic product and service!

Our 1 year old bearded dragon decided to turn her nose up at every insect we offered except super worms. With fingers crossed, I ordered 500 large BSFL. She loves them! They arrived quickly (all alive despite the frosty New England weather), keep for weeks in a cool basement, and are the easiest feeder because they can't climb out of the no-escape food dish and hide in the terrarium. Terrific company, terrific product. We will be reordering soon.

Dragons love them!

All three of my Bearded Dragons love these. I'll have to get a bigger order next time! Love the fact that you can get them cheaper if you get a subscription too!

Black Solider Fly Larvae

Arrived on time, good quality.

Disturbing video

I'm very disturbed by the video on this site showing beardies being fed the BSFL. First of all, loose substrate is a no-no as it causes impaction and potentially death. The red light is also a no-no and causes damage to their eyes. But what disturbs me the most is that you have TWO dragons in ONE enclosure!!! Beardies are solitary creatures and become very violent towards're gambling with their lives by housing them together. You should be ashamed!!!

Great worms

Great worm I recommend

Great prices, fast shipping, nice packaging, quality BSF

This was my first order and I'm so impressed. I wish you sold Dubia Roaches.


Amazing! So pleased with our bsfl subscription! This company is the best hands down!!! So glad I found them!

Doesn't work

It is a nice bowl, but the larvaes do escape. I got the large bowl and it said it's for medium and large larvaes. Well either size bsflarvae escape. I still use it, since my dragon eats most of them shortly after I put the bowl in, there are usually just a few hiding under the repticarpet.

Love it

I ordered the large ones this time. The medium ones from the previous Symton order had a lot of really small ones. The large ones are definitely large and seem more the right size for my dragon who weighs around 250grams. He loves them, very happy with the purchase. Please keep up the quality.

1000 Black Soldier Fly Pupae

There was very little dead. (Even after warming them up and letting stay warm overnight) But it was absolutely no fault of ya'lls. Its very cold where i am. And they were left outside for a little more than an hour. The ones alive were much more healthy looking and noticably bigger than the others that ive ordered from other sites. Im very pleased.