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Always pleased with the bsfls from Symton.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


First time customer here..I am so glad I found this website! I ordered the small BSFL for my bearded dragon and they arrived quickly and alive. I think I should have went with the bigger size though because he doesn’t seem interested. (Nothing to do with quality! Maybe a preference thing.)
I am going to order the mediums an hope that he eats them. I really..really..really want to be able to just set up my order subscription and have them arrive when I need them, rather than running around town going from pet store to pet store trying to find live insects.

Very satisfied!!

Great product! Packaged very well with excellent documentation!
My next order will be a subscription!!

Big bugs

These are the perfect size for my beardie and much easier for me to grab with my fingers! This batch was very lively and my beardie went for them right away!

Great daily feeder for our beardies!

We've tried a lot of different daily feeders for our beardies like crickets and discoids, and some other brands are too expensive to feed bsfl daily. You can't beat the value and quality for the price with Symton. I didn't experience any issues with dead larvae like other reviewers, we've ordered three times so far and each time was a full container of worms ready for our beardies to eat!

Great as always!

I received my large BSF larvea and they were lively and in great condition!

Great product and service

Living in upstate NY, we see a wide range of temperatures. We've been purchasing bsfl from Symton for our bearded dragon for over a year and in the harshest of winters or hottest of summers, we've always gotten a live delivery. I get alerts when the bugs are out for delivery and I make sure I don't leave them in the mailbox or on the porch long. Will continue to be a loyal customer.

Best staple!

This is the number one staple in our reptiles diets, symton is the best in pricing and customer service. I highly recommend to all my customers

Alive and healthy

All BSFL arrived alive and healthy. My bearded dragon has been gobbling them up happily! Thank you for your great customer service!

Lively, Plump, and BD approved!

We have been getting our beardless dragon's BSFL from Symton for a year now and they have yet to disappoint. They are always delivered like clockwork on subscription. More importantly, they are always lively, plump, and ravenously devoured by our beardie. We get the large larvae in a 500 count and the last week before the new delivery we will have a dozen or so flies that she likes to stalk and smash. Highly recommended feeders!

Black Soldier Flies

Perfect from beginning to end. Bugs were alive , health and lasted. Thanks

Scooper scooper

Work well for bsfl and smaller sized dubia and superworms

Worked fine.

Kept the bugs happy! Easy to use.

Buggy Pants!

Buttery soft & great quality but runs a teeny bit on the small side. I'm 5'5", 135, size 4 & ordered a medium, which fits me perfectly (I usually would wear a small). I do love wearing them while I practice yoga, but they're also a great conversation starter when I wear them out. They're also good for awesome karate kicks, so any time I have them on my brother and fiancée say WATCH OUT, HERE COME THE BUGGY PANTS! Thanks Symton :)

100 percent.

Second purchase and second 5 star. Love you guys.

Fat and juicy

Panther loves these. Part of his regular diet. Crickets worms and Symton's Soldier Flies!

1st time buyer of BSFL

Very satisfied with my order. Placing another order today.


i ordered 1000 pupae and in that tub only about 100 were actual pupae, the rest were larvae. not happy about this

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Shipping was super slow this time but I’m sure it was due to holiday packages slowing things up- but all arrived alive and my BD was happy with them like normal :)

Tangira loves them

My Bearded Dragon loves her roaches.

Re-stock please!!

All my bearded dragon's favorites! Please restock soon - this combo is exactly what I buy him locally each from different places but he LOVEs your BSFL and I'd love to support your company buy buying the combo pack. I read an article in the Washington Post recently about Symton and I just love everything about BSFL and what they can do for the future of farming etc :)