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Great little wrigglers.

Thank you for sending these so quickly. Weather was great for them, I can see they are doing well in their container.

My Beardie and I LOVE IT!

All I have to say is WOW. Let me tell you! I ordered from here because BSFL are expensive at other sites and I was tired of having to order every week. Once I found out what the price was for 500 BSFL I was HOOKED. And the best part is that they shipped out that SAME DAY I ordered!! AMAZING! Once they got here they were all alive from what i saw. Now my Beardie can get as much as she desires (which is A LOT) and I don’t worry about the price or when will they get here since Symton ships so fast!

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
daniel hettinger (Hendersonville, US)

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

My Beardie loves them

My baby bearded dragon wasn't eating. When I offered the larvae he loved them and now hastily gobbles them up. They seem to live a long time too. I still have plenty. I will be ordering more.

They looked great but were all dead

Sadly, the post office put them in our mailbox when were too far away to get them right away, so they were all dead due to being so hot They looked fabulous and this was no fault of Symtons. I am looking forward to receiving our next order coming this week.

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Nekiya Covington (Jacksonville, US)

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Symple Sifter
Lindsey Gordon (Lynchburg, US)
Super satisfied!

Makes it so easy to separate from the medium theyre shipped in! Definitely worth it#

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Kathleen Graham (Panama City, US)

Love using the autoship option. These worms always look great.

Canned Dubia Roaches
Penny Lovelace (Rutherfordton, US)
Canned Dubia Roaches

Great product. Very pleased with the canned roaches and with the shipping process!

Grub Chow
Samantha Brown (Orlando, US)

Larva seems to love it, I'll have to try dampening into balls as suggested below

Insect Flight
Ellen Wolff-Cloud (Portland, US)
My picky bearded dragon LOVED THESE!

Came super super fast, my beardie absolutely ate them up!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Shaunna Collins (Indianapolis, US)

Live insects

Insect Flight
John Humphrey (Littleton, US)
Great value

The idea of having the opportunity to have your pet try multiple different insects is a great idea! I wish they would have come sooner maybe some of the insects would not have parished in transit. I got the small selection but the horned worms were a little too big! But overall great selection and offering! Would definitely buy again.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Elizabeth Jackson (Grand Rapids, US)

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Insect Flight
Jessica Harris (Hohenwald, US)

Insect Flight

Great service - Great staff

Always receive high quality orders and great customer support if needed.
I highly recommend Symton!

First Order

I was surprised by how small they are, even the medium ones, but our bearded dragon loves them!

Insect Flight
Keith Bare (Seattle, US)
I have a happy healthy Dragon

my creeters love the treats even my fish tank got a treat (BSFL) the horn worms grew well and my dragon loved then. My day gecko enjoyed some wax worms and tiny dubias. Perfect!!


These are amazing!!! My bearded had stopped eating due to MBD. I tried everything and read about the soldier fly larve, and thought what the heck. The price is right and Puff is now eating and seems to be a happier Puff. 10 stars I would give.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jackson Underwood (Newport News, US)

Expensive for one month of food but the lizard loves it.

Tasty Beardie Food

My bearded dragon gobbles these little bugs up! Because they’re usually much easier to nom than crickets, I make feeding time into a game, placing two or three on opposite ends of the aquarium until my beadie has had his fill. Shipping is prompt and orders are easy to make. Great prices too!

Best BSFL delivery

Great quality of BSFL. I ordered 200 and got a little extra. Zero dead or even discolored. Perfectly packaged and quickly delivered! Definitely continuing my BSFL purchases here

Insect Flight
Matt Schneider (Chico, US)
Would not buy again.

I was disappointed that out of the 50 waxworms maybe only 15 were white and moving, the rest were solid brown in the pupa stage. My beardie wouldn't eat them. Everything else looked good and shipping was fast.

120 Gallon Reptile Enclosure (4’x2’x2’)
Bryan Gathright (Orlando, US)
Absolutely great

I bought it and couldn't be happier. I do agree that the instructions are not the easiest to understand. Overall, the price for the size was well worth it.

Canned Dubia Roaches
Jesseca Bennett (Chapin, US)
My beardie loves these

We try to keep some of these in the cabinet. They are a guarantee feed if we are having issues with anything else. Love them!