See what everybody says about Symton Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Love it!

I ordered the product for my cousins bearded dragons and they loved them! Shipping was very quick received it the next day! Very happy!

Rocky loves them

This has been a huge win! Plus I don’t have to go chasing escaped crickets.

Wish the holes were bigger

The scooper is somewhat helpful but I wish the holes were bigger it doesn’t really sift out the dirt


My Quaker parrots love them!!!!

Large no Escape bowl and strainer

Both products care very fast! The bowl is absolutely perfect for my baby dragon and his bugs not to mention the strainer is the perfect size to wash my BSFL in. I will definitely recommend and buy again. 👍🏼👍🏼

Great company

The shipment arrived very quick and they were all alive!!!

Great service

Great product. Heathy looking feeders

1st time purchase

I have no complaints... however 6 days into having the ( 600 purchased) about 1/2 of whats left has died.. it could be my fault too but it would be nice to purchase fewer like.. 250 rather than 500 or more at a time

Fast shipping and excellent larvae

This was my first time purchasing black solider fly larvae from this company. I’m very happy. The value is great, the shipping was fast, and the larvae are 99% alive.


Shipment was quick to arrive and they all came in alive. I even received extra!! My beardies were very pleased and I have set up a reoccurring subscription with this company. Excellent quality & service - thank you!!!

Did not receive

I haven't gotten them yet


Received within 3 days all alive. I am very happy with the bugs. My dragon is a fat happy girl!! Thank you so much and look forward to ordering again.


Our bearded dragon Fred loves them. So much easier than crickets and calcium powder. We’ve been getting them for over a year. They’ve always come alive. My only issue is that I want to increase my subscription from 500 to 1000 larvae every other week, but to do so I will now be charged $2.95. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Fred would love more now that he’s feel better, but I really don’t want to pay for the shipping after having not all this time.

Daisy Approved!

My bearded dragon, Daisy, eats these like they are candy! VERY fast shipping and no dead-on-arrivals. You earned yourself a new subscriber!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


My boy Camo loves his bugs! And we love your company. I tell everyone about you guys!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Great BIG bowl!

This bowl is BIG, the Dubia Roaches have no chance of escaping this thing. No more finding bugs under the liner or on branches.

Simply The Best

When it comes to BFSL, these guys are my go-to. The shipping is very quick, I’m always given larger quantities, they are healthy and lively which my lizards and frogs love. Not to mention, this company tries to save you money any way they can when ordering larger quantities. Subscription customer for life right here! Thank you Symton!

- James Wisniewski @propagate_the_city

As described

Recieved what I ordered, my beardie didn’t seem to care for them but all well. I would order again thank you.

First order

I have 8 bearded dragons I usually feed them Dubia’s heard good things about black fly larvae so I ordered 1000 and they love them! They gave me 1200 (2-600ct cups) instead of 1000 didn’t see any dead ones. Will definitely continue doing business with this company!


By far the cheapest. And not a single one on of 600 were dead! I have one happy beardie. This is my new go to!

Came in quickly and all of them were alive and healthy!

Healthiest ones I’ve ever gotten! My reptiles LOVE them! Always happy with the customer service and shipping.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the substrate they were in. I like the other substrate better than the dirt. It made it very hard to get them out and clean.