See what everybody says about Symton Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Best BSFL on the market

Are you kidding? 500 for $19 and FREE SHIPPING?! All mine arrived alive and well, despite the cold weather. They are huge and readily gutloading on the produce I give them. Couldn't be happier

Great product

Larva arrived as expected. They were a bit cold left in a mail box in Northern Maine but are very active now that they have warmed up. Great product.

Small Soldier Fly Larvae

I have always enjoyed ordering from Smyton. There was a little delay on this first order of 2000 but they were healthy. I just ordered another batch however and they arrived quickly.

10,000 BSF Young Larvae for Chicken Litter Composting Test

Took a few days longer than expected to have the order filled, young critters (10K package) shipped and delivered. Well packaged and the tiny new hatchlings arrived healthy, most active. Once shipped, received regular updates from Symton on the shipped product. Thumbs up!

Very nice product!

Delivered quickly and a very high quality product. The Beardies love them.


Shipment arrived on time as scheduled. The larvae were larger than expected and ready to eat. So far they have devoured everything from coffee ground to juice pulp, lamb bones, and pumpkin. They are growing fast so I expect to be making another order soon.
Thanks Symton BSF!

Excellent product!

The order arrived quickly and my beardie loves them! What more can you ask for!


I can not give a positive review as I was supposed to reach my product on 2/12. It is 2/13 and I still have not received anything

Like the idea

I enjoy this idea but I'm more of a neutral color guy. wish these were white, grey, or black with a white logo would be cool! I cant pull off flashy colors lol

Always Superb

Great product and quick shipping. Always top of the line.

Great coustomer service

Good communication by the seller,will buy again


Jumbo Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

BSF Order

Excellent supply of BSF larvae once again from Symton!

Excellent quality!

My lizard goes crazy for these!


Love these bugs they are fast shipping and my pets can't get enough of them! While shipping was an issue this time I do understand that the cold can affect their breeding. So I won't lower the star rating for something they could not control.


Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Awesome Customer Service

Due to the child weather, I had to wait a little extra to receive my order. When I picked it up from the post office, everything was in order. You guys even threw in a "bug scoop" as an extra for taking a little longer to ship. Thank you for such great customer service and quality products for my beloved Beardies! :)

Fantastic company

Our bearded dragon has been eating the BSFL for three days now and loves them! Customer service was great, definitely ordering from Symton again.


Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

BSF for reproduction

Very responsive customer service!


I love ordering from here and I will definitely order again! All BSFL arrived alive and well as promised. My Dragons love them!

Bugs are few of his favorite things

Awesome sized worms! My dragon is in love with these! So am I since they large enough to fetch out of container! Lol They look great and health. Will be treating bearded dragons to these now!!

Can't Review Until I Receive Them!

Ordered 1/22 didn't ship until 1/26. Package was supposed to deliver on 1/29. It's 1/30 and still no package. The shipping issue is obviously USPS' fault but order processing was over 4 business days.

Great Worms!!!

Always Satisfied

Incredibly hardy feeders.

I ordered these in between snowstorms for my brown anole. Despite the package being delayed several days due to weather, the larvae were alive upon arrival. My anole is picky about new foods and tries to go on hunger strikes, but she finally caved and ate some. It's now around three weeks after arrival, and I haven't fed or specially stored the remaining larvae, yet the majority are still alive and wriggling. I didn't know live insect food could be so low maintenance. (She had outgrown fruit flies (the culture crashed anyway) and ate all the buffalo worms before I could establish a breeding culture.) I would definitely recommend and will reorder as needed.


Excellent, all arrived perfect.

most amazing product most amazing service

you guys are amazing the jumbo grubs are enormous, my dragon cannot turn them away, not that he ever turned the smaller ones away but these ones drive him crazy and stimulate his appetite like no other. I will continue to only buy from you guys because your the best and the most affordable!!! keep up the good work you have a customer for life!! I highly recommend them if any one is on the fence, I have ordered for over a year and never received a single dead larvae, so the extra 10% the give you just in case has always been just a bonus!!

1000 Jumbo BSFL Order

Due to cold weather, shipment was delayed, as expected. Glad they delayed it because it was cold here in Ohio too. Received a free bug grabber due to the delay. BSFL look healthy. Seem a little smaller than expected, but will still get the job done for what I need them for. Bearded dragons love them. Got the strainer and that has been working well. Hoping to attempt breeding some of the flies with all of the info from YouTube channel.

Great product & company

My bearded dragon loves the jumbo BSFL from Symton and I love the fast shipping, low prices and how quick the company responds to messages.

Previous orders flawless, this last one was unacceptable

Made my order as i have in the past without an issue, but them it took about two weeks to get my feeders for my beardie!!! As far as im concerned thats totally unacceptable. Then i get an email after i mentioned something and i was told theyd throw in a free strainer, which ive already bought from the site. Eventually i was sent my feeders along with some free bug tongs. Not impressed with this shipment/purchase. Havent had these issues in the past though.


So happy we have Jumbo size now. Perfect for my 10 month old Beardie! Also, great customer service as always!

Big and juicy

I always buy from here because they come as expected. This time I bought the strainer because the ones I get from the dollar store never worked very well. This one was the perfect size to remove the substrate. Some of the smaller larva will be able to squeeze through if you leave them in there too long but I guess that's to be expected. I also got one of those little scoop things. It good for grabbing a bunch of them but not great for removing the substrate. The strainer is a lot better.

Totally worth the price.

Great bugs and value for the price. Omega loves them!! Plus they included a nice little gift for the shipping delay due to the weather. (That was totally out of their control)

So many buggies

My Loki loves his pop worms so much. I knew I'd get a lot. Lol but was surprised at exactly how many! I'm one happy mama. Ty so much


Biscuit loves his new food! Thank you.


Jumbo Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Large larvae

The large larvae look more plumped then the medium and are very active. The bedding smells/looks great. My bearded dragon loves them!


Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Dragon's love them!

Both my juvenile bearded dragons absolutely love them! All arrived in perfect condition and seem to be doing grear so far. This is the best priced BSFL I have seen anywhere.


They arrived very active, couldn't find a single dead one in the bunch. They were more like 1/2 inch inoted of 3/4 inch but they're growing rapidly. My beardie loves them so much he won't even take the time to chew properly. My leopard gecko on the other hand is too picky and won't touch them. I definitely love the ease of feeding worms instead of crickets. Will buy again soon

Black soldier fly Larvae

Very happy with order

The miracle feeder at the perfect price!

These feeders are amazing. Picky eaters will snatch them up like candy! No extra calcium necessary makes my job so much easier with 70+ reptiles being fed and I FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. The larva are always active and they always stay alive until they're all fed off.


Very happy with this jumbo worms way bigger than the large worms of Josh’s Frogs . I would not recomend to order from them

Nice bowl

It’s a little too big for my juvenile Bearded Dragon but I’m sure once he’s big enough and eating more it will be perfect. I should have gone with the medium.


never got them

Hey Kayley, your order was shipped as early as possible, and should be there on Monday. If you found the product or service was not satisfied, feel free to ask for refund

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


the strainer came broken


Always fantastic service and product!

Great as always

I am never let down by any of the Symtom products I have ordered. The great quality combined with th great customer service is why I recommend Symtom BSFL to every reptile parent I know.

Couldn’t be happier

Received Rexs’ container of BSFL and they were alive and squirming. Another Bearded Dragon and owner very happy. As soon as we figure out how many he eats in a day we’ll order accordingly.