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Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Lindsey Clearwater (Springfield, US)

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Insect Flight
Leo the Dragon (Seattle, US)
Great variety and value

Perfect for the picky beardie! All came in great health and a tremendous value!

Small Dubia Roaches
Kimberly Tilley (Richmond, US)
Dubia Roaches

They were a little big for my dragon but I appreciated Symton’s fast shipping time.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Heather Shimek (Grand Forks, US)
High quality BFSL

As always, we receive high quality, hardy bsfl from Symton. We have had issues with the shipping company and Symton still stood behind it's product and provided a replacement without any hesitation. Excellent product. Excellent customer service.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
LaDesma Chavez (Brevard, US)

My lizard, chameleon and spiderlings all enjoy these as well as the flies that end up producing! Best feeders ever

Insect Flight
Cristi Lawliss (Albany, US)

Unfortunately my BSFL were all dead- other bugs were great though!!!!

Great Company

Purchased my first set of larvae and after I ordered there was an unexpected snowstorm where I was located which delayed delivery. The BSFL did arrive dead. I emailed the company and got a response the next day which is great because it was during the holiday week (Christmas & New Years). They immediately sent out another order and they came very quick. Larvae was alive and in excellent quality. Will 100% order from here again and my Bearded Dragon thanks you!

Great upgrade for our beardie

My husband and I were going back and forth about whether to get a 75gal. or 120gal. for our beardie when we saw this. This is a GREAT tank. It’s way more affordable than front opening terrariums of similar size, likely because it’s not glass. But despite not being glass it’s very sturdy and maintains temps well.

And now that I can see they can STACK?! We will definitely be buying another for our other beardie once he gets a bit bigger. 😊

It does take some time to put together, but it was not difficult to do so. All in all a great enclosure.

Canned Dubia Roaches
Aj Bopp (Portsmouth, US)

Of all insects I feed my beardie, I can’t stand handing live roaches. When I found these canned ones, I jumped right to the opportunity to feed Atlas his favorite food. Now, with his live feeders, I’ll also give him some of these dubias and he goes straight to them first before the live insects

Small Dubia Roaches
Rebecca Ross (Round Rock, US)
My Leo Loves His Small Dubias!

My first time ordering from Symton, and I'll be back! Our new leopard gecko loves his dubia roaches. Shipping was great and speedy. Even received bonus horn worms as a gift! Thanks, Symton!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Dragonsz and sonz (Youngstown, US)

Thanks for everything been dealing with u guys for like a year love everything about u guys .. ps when can I buy another tank lol

Canned Dubia Roaches
Alexis Roemer (Grand Junction, US)
Will definitely be ordering from this company again!

Everything arrived a day early and they added in an order of Hornworms!

My beardies love it!

All the bsfl sizes are consistent! I’ve tried different bsfl from different companies and by far symptom has the best bsfl. The substrate they use are great and doesn’t leave an ammonia odor, and safe for my beardies. Highly recommended!

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Love love love

I order two of these cages. We absolutely love them. I can't wait to be able to order more. I would love to know what you use to stack them? And if I could make one suggesting, I'd love to see a cage that is offered with a solid PVC top instead of the screen. I have a few that need extreme heat that would benefit better from having a solid top. Have you all ever thought about doing horizontal cages? Ones that would work for chameleons? If you ever get a design for that, I'd definitely be interested!

Happy Beardie

Order came fulfilled as said it would be.. Happy Beardie

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Jachob Johnson (Kalamazoo, US)
Dubia roaches

Bearded dragon loves them. Even sent new order to me after issues with a previous order. Currently out of roaches but will be buying more when they are available.

Grub Chow
rory roemisch (Houston, US)
Chow chow

It is good. 123

Medium Dubia Roaches
Alexandra Richards (Stony Brook, US)
Fantastic Customer Serive

After writing a previous review explaining that I did not get the full amount I ordered, the customer service team immediately reached out and sent me the bugs I was missing! I can not recommend this place enough.


Great product no complaints my only thing is I wish the doors came with some type of lock also where did you get the Rock panel for the back

Always satisfied

I’ve been getting BSFL from Symton for close to a year now. Consistency in quality if fantastic. Packaging and delivery communication is top notch as well. I’ve had to chance my quantities a few times, and there were no problems with that either. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Cristi Lawliss (Morrisonville, US)

Thank you! Fast delivery- all fresh and alive!!!

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Rescued Replicated Reptiles (San Diego, US)
As Usual!

I am always very happy when my BSFL arrive… but no one is happier than the rescues 😁

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Tommie Groover (Mickleton, US)

The most reliable source for BSFL. Been dealing with them for a while and I can always count on them.

Large Dubia Roaches
Deanna Schlueter (College Station, US)
Large Dubias

I won’t ever order from anywhere else for Dubias. They are always the right size and alive for our beardie to enjoy!