See what everybody says about Symton™ Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Top quality black soldier fly larvae

My chameleons and geckos loved the first batch, so I’m ordering more! I’ve bought BSF larvae at pet stores before and the chameleons have wanted nothing to do with them - these are different: nice and clean and active.

1st order for my new Bearded Dragon

My Spyro loved them! I'd had him over a week and he had no interest in greens, he'd eat some crickets but didnt like them dusted in calcium. I read great reviews about Symptom BSFL. Ive already upped my order and put it on autoship! Super fast shipping also.

They arrived dead! But it was quickly fixed.

Although all my BSFL were dead Symton sent out a new order and it arrived within the week. Great customer service. My beardie loves the BSFL we will never go back to crickets. Lol.

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Shipping was quick, they were alive and in easy substrate to remove them from. I will definitely buy from here again! Great price.

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Good quality. Fast shipping

Great Customer Service

This was my first purchase & due to USPS my package arrived broken & most of the larva were gone. I emailed pictures & my order was replaced in a timely fashion. Our beardies are loving the food as this is their 1st time trying BSFL. We did join the subscription. I would recommend giving them a try.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Quick shipping, great packing, extra was included but all arrived on time and lively!

BSF order

I ordered my first ever BSF’s and they arrived alive and on time.

Awesome product

Ordered for the first time and will definitely order again. The bsfl were well packaged and looked great. All were alive. My chameleons love them.


Love that they are always all alive and not in the stage where they turn black. But, this second shipment seems to be less. Overall, great stuff and reasonable shipment delivery. Waiting for the next shipment. :)

Great quality!

Always on time, always healthy deliveries, and never a batch with dead in them. Couldn't ask for more really.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Symton is on point

I ordered these medium for my Bearded Dragon. They shipped really quickly and arrived on time as predicted. I went through the BSFL and they all look alive and healthy. I'm going to feed them tonight and see how he likes them. If he likes these, I'll definitely be putting an order on repeat.

1k count BSF worms

They arrived very clean and healthy looking. Plump and active the horned lizards loved them. Will continue to purchase and tell my friends! Thank you!

Best Ever

I love Symton..Fast shipping and always arrives alive..

Will Order Again

These are great quality BSFL, and the substrate used is so much nicer than some other places. Thank you!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


This is a great little tool for any kind of feeder!


My bearded dragons favorite staple! She gets so excited every time she hears the lid cracking open she runs to her food bowl. She’s grown way faster than before and they stay alive for a very long time!

Followed storage instructions, ended badly...

I was so happy with my order when it arrived everything was alive! I have 4 mo old dragon so I put the second container in the fridge as intructed with a thermometer I checked daily and 95% of them died. Haven’t even been in there for two weeks yet. Now I’m almost out of worms. Looking around to buy more. Might possibly buy again from here but just not as many and not store them in the fridge as directed.
3 stars are because all were alive on arrival. If they would of lived with storage instructions would give 5/5.