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Black Soldier Fly Eggs
vicki shields (Niceville, US)
i love the small larvae but did not have any success at all with the eggs which is a real bummer

did not have any success at all with the eggs which is a real bummer so will be stopping my subscription

Karin (Goldens Bridge, US)

Great delivery and fabulous BSFL. Extremely pleased

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Sarah Kouns (Hendersonville, US)

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Delightfully disgusting

Arrived in perfect condition. I got these to eat my compost and maybe feed some to my chickens. They got right to work and have at least tripled in size since I received them. The chickens love them. Fingers crossed when they become adults, I’ll get more larvae!

Small Dubia Roaches
Zabrina Stokes (Old Bridge, US)
Perfect for Beardie

My Bubba loved his dubia. They were all alive and well sized for him.

Great feeders and great customer service!

I’ve been feeding these to my bearded dragon for over a year. They come regularly and the one time they arrived less than perfect, I messaged customer service and they sent me a new batch right away.

Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae (5 oz)
Mara (Staten Island, US)
Approved by my duprasi

My fat-tailed gerbil is quite picky with his insects. These were devoured on the spot.

Large Dubia Roaches
Erika Bryan (Gainesville, US)

Really stinky. Won’t be buying again. It’s not the sellers fault. They just stinky bugs.

Large Soldier Fly Larvae

Came to Clearwater Florida unscathed. My Beardie loves them. Will be ordering again!

Symple Sifter
Kristina Kirby (Mount Juliet, US)

Symple Sifter

Medium Dubia Roaches
stephanie daniel (Idyllwild, US)


Canned Scorpions
Amy (Herkimer, US)

I bought almost every bug in the can so I have nutritious back up if I run out of bugs! Not only that, my bearded dragons got to try scorpions for the first time and LOVED THEM!! Thank you for being a reliable and awesome company!!!!

Sift & Scoop Combo
Ray (Dallas, US)
Great tool for larvae

Scoop and sifter are a great option to help you feed your animals just the larvae. It’s a simple set of tools that allows substrate to be separated from the larvae.

Black Soldier Fly Eggs
Sonya Baran (Bloomington, US)
So far so good

Seeing how they go, came cool and not hatched overnight as promised. We are at about 1 week and so far I have success. Will update if need be.

Canned Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Nex Reid (Ephrata, US)
My beardie loves them!!

I just became a beardie parent and it's a lot of trying different feeders to see what they like and this is their favorite by far!! Definitely will be getting more.

Sizes where very much off

The sizes in the large that I bought and I bought 2000 where filled with a lot of smalls and mediums. Unlike the large I’ve ordered before causing my order not last as long as when I had bought just 1200. the reason I know there was a bunch of smalls is when I was sifting they would just fall through and I was able to fill one of my older cups with the smalls and give them substrate and now I have smalls for hatchling that I didn’t order but hey it’s the silver lining.

Bugs weren’t normal quality

I’m still giving 5 stars because bugs are usually always on time and most are healthy. Last order most of them are already black and few are still alive. Waiting on the next batch hopefully they last a little longer.

bugs great, shipping not so much

Sadly, the containers of bugs arrived completely smashed and in a large baggie. Just FYI.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Tiffany Pecson (Roseville, US)
Great Bugs!!

Fantastic Product!!!

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Renee Rivera (Saint John, US)

Larvae all arrived alive and well; great price and quick shipping! Will definitely purchase again soon.. our Beardie loves them.

Large Dubia Roaches
Crystal Vandyke (Ridley Park, US)

Large Dubia Roaches


Always in great shape and last as larvae longer than any other I have ordered before.

Zabrina Stokes (Old Bridge, US)
Great product and service.

Good quality bsfl and dubia, my Beardie, Bubba, loves them. Customer service was also great. There was an issue during shipping and they responded and sent out a new shipment immediately.

Canned Superworms
Lorraine Adams (Barstow, US)
Perfect for emergency bags

These were fresher than I thought they'd be. All 3 of my dragons loved them. Being canned is a perfect convenience for a reptile's emergency bag.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Delton Howard (St. Petersburg, US)
Possibly disliked by anoles

Hi, great product. I have found that my Allison's anoles don't like the larvae themselves, so what I do is remove the sand from the larvae container and put a few pieces of frozen stew meat in there and leave the container outside in the Florida heat and humidity. The larvae quickly decompose the meat. Then I put the container outside in my anoles' screen enclosures with the doors open and flies will swarm in to lay eggs and the anoles will snatch the flies out of the air and eat them. Eventually, the larvae turn into flies themselves and also eventually get eaten. So, good for more creative projects like this, not good as direct feeders for my anoles.