See what everybody says about Symton Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
Based on 366 reviews
Very pleased!

Bugs were very lively and arrived quick! Free shipping was a plus!!

Wonderful as always

Fast shipping, good quality

Mediums for a baby beardie - excellent

My bearded dragon goes crazy over these grubs now after initially being skeptical. She will eat 20 of them in one feeding, if not more. Glad Symton has such competitive prices!

great staple in a varied beardie diet

Great delivery as usual, great part of a varied diet for you beardie!

Excellent Viable Eggs

I have received BSF eggs from several different sources in the US and Symton eggs have unquestionably the highest hatch rates and egg viability, even when shipped over long distances.


Nothing to really review, it's BSFL and they came exactly as described.

So much better than dubia!

BSFL are better than dubia in every way: more affordable, more nutritious and way easier to work with!

Perfect for any feeder

I’ve used these for dubias, superworms, and our favorite bsfl!

They arrived alive and very quickly.

Our gliders love these and they arrived alive and fast shipping.

Great buy

They came alive and also more than I ordered. I highly recommend buying them. I will be a lifelong customer!!!

Great deal

Fast delivery and all was alive. We'll be ordering again.

Thank you!

After receiving my order to find they were all dead, you guys were prompt in refunding me. I really appreciate it! I will be reordering as you guys have the best BSFL. And I love that substrate they come in. Thanks so much!


My dragon loves them!

Great product!

The substrate is really easy to work with and my little guy absolutely loves them. Not a single dead BSFL in the container when it arrived.

The bowl

As described

Great product, fast delivery

Very happy with the quality and speed of delivery. Will be ordering often.

Perfect size for bearded dragons, babies and juveniles

I had the small bowl which worked well but it seemed difficult for my beardie to get into it since the diameter is small. The medium bowl is perfect! I think this will last until she gets full size or at least close to it. For reference, my beardie is about 12 grams or 2.5 months old.


Great feeders. My Bearded Dragon loves them :)

happy dragons. happy momma

very happy with the bsfl, the fast shipping, the experience in general..they are very active, healthy and big.. was my first order from your company, won't be my last. thanks so much

Got bad batch and they took care of it

I have tried this company out a couple times they have been great but this last batch 500 larges more then 75 percent came in DOA picked them up same day my post office delivered them. I dont know what happened if it was a off batch or if it's a sign of what to come ordering. After communication, the company refunded it all.

Good quality

All alive. I’m happy. Dragon is happy.

Works well, very convenient

Nice for temporary housing while cleaning the tank or for a quick trip to the vet for a checkup. I like the cutouts in the paper bedding that lock with the ridges in the carrier. Keeps it from sliding around.


everything was as promised except i did not count them LOL

Clean and lively, baby beardie candy!

Love these, Shipped a day early, and have been delicious as our staple feed for our baby bearded dragon.