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Awesome buy!

Came in perfectly. Ordered 500 and received 600. Best purchase! Thank you and keep up the awesome work.


I ordered 1,000 BSFL and they came alive and healthy! They came in a timely manner. I strongly recommend!

Very happy and considering a Subscription

I heard about Symton on the Chameleon Breeder Podcast. I ordered using the coupon code I received. They took longer than expected to arrive is my only criticism. But they all arrived happy and healthy so all is well. All my critters are so happy to have a quality feeder. When I have purchased from other sources many of the BSFL die off early. I have been feeding them to my Jackson's Chameleons, Leopard Gecko, Whites Tree Frogs, Fire bellied newt, and Musk Turtles. My Chameleons also really really love the flies and I hope to have a higher rate of successful metamorphosis with such healthy larvae.

Love it!

They are 4xs the size they were a week ago! They arrived healthy and hungry! I will definitely be a repeat customer! Keep up the good work!!

Great experience!!!

I ordered 500 medium BSFL, received 600. This was my first purchase so was concerned when opening the package when it arrived. Had visions of creepy crawly’s running a muck before I opened the box. Everything was packaged nicely and no loose larvae. My Beardie loves them!

Great product!

I love not having to wash them and pick out of dirt. My kiddos love them

Great purchase

Great purchase, will continue with this company

Fantastic quality

Such high quality feeders at an amazing price.


had a problem with the first set of grubs but got a fresh set count be happier with there service

Bearded Dragon is Hooked

These soldier fly larvae are thoroughly enjoyed by my Juvenile Beardie. He likes them so much I went with the large and he can eat them no sweat. He just gobbles them right down. The larvae were super easy to handle and a great way to learn to hand feed a beardie. Nobody wants to hold a cricket, and I read superworms can pinch...but Soldier Flies? Easy on the hands.

Always come through

Always fast, always healthy, and packed with care. Only place for bsfl in my opinion. Babies loving their sympton bsfl

Hi Sean! Thanks for the review! We love the picture of your babies! :)
Shipping Costs Effect Quality

Since the departure from USPS to UPS it seems the need to lessen weight has affected the quality. Less shipping substrate and smaller larvae have most definitely occurred. Still one of the better options for BSF but no longer the clear frontrunner.

Hi Bryan! I promise we ship all of our larvae the same way we did when we were still USPS. We have a range for the weights that is considered acceptable for each size of our larvae. Our mediums are likely to change the most between shipments but they're good to go as long as they meet their weight range. We still ship the same amount of larvae with the same scoop of substrate. We apologize if you feel like you've been shorted but the only thing that has changed is the size of the boxes.
Love it

Great as always

Awesome company!!!

Love the service, love the products you provide and my beardie loves them too. Thank you!!

how can i buy from u

Rhaegal gives Two Claws Up!

Just tried these for the first time and our beardie loves them! I think they’ll be a great alternative to the live BSFL feeders for when we’re out of town and have a friend feeding him for a couple weeks this summer so she doesn’t have to mess with the squiggly little live wormies. And a nice crunchy treat to occasionally top his salads with.

First time purchase

This was my first order and they arrived in perfect condition. Specific directions regarding care were included and my three chameleons are enjoying them very much. I will definitely purchase all of my BSFL from them.

Great service

Great service, all BSFL arrived alive. My new go to for my beardies bugs. Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

Best larvae I've ever ordered

They all arrived in great shape. My bearded dragon loves how wiggly and alive these larvae are! Very happy with how many we received in our order. Other places their larvae were limp and small. These were large, plump and very alive looking. 100% will ordering again when we need more!

These products are amazing!! My dragons absolutely love the BSFL, and I love the escape proof dish!! Thanks for yet another amazing transition


Symton has been an incredible find for us and our reptile family. The customer service is fantastic, the consistency in their product is on point and ease of having a subscription order service is incredibly helpful! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a reputable outlet for bsfl feeders!

Thanks for the great review Sacheen :)

Love it!


Shipped quickly. Great supply for my beardie

medium sized black soldier flies

I'm in the process of getting my juvenile bearded dragon used to handling, and the soldier fly larvae have been incredibly helpful. Our little guy loves them, and they're easy to handle (and do not pinch or bite). In combination with the lipped feeding bowl that Symton sells, the larvae are a convenient way to leave snacks out for our bearded dragon. He's growing quickly so I think our next purchase would be the large size.