See what everybody says about Symton™ Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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Great product and amazing customer service!

I've been a subscribed customer since March 2019, and I must say the customer service is beyond phenomenal! Out of the 7 auto shipments I've had, only one was bad. My BSFL came in dead on arrival. But I emailed the company right away and they were so accommodating that they sent a new shipment at no expense to me! I highly recommend this product, they're not known for having dead BSFL arrive at your door and are always happy to help should any problems arise.

Always Alive

Have ordered from her a few times and so far zero have arrived dead. I order the large and they put in extra to compensate for any that don’t make it. Shipping is pretty quick. I’m not sure what the substance is that they come in. It kinda smells like coffee and is grainy like so. Whatever it is, I like it because it doesn’t clump or stick together like other places I’ve ordered from. I will happily continue to order from here.

Great product!

Always get more then I requested!! Shipping seems slow BUT worth the wait!!

Great product, great company!

Due to the high heat in transit my order arrived dead, all 2400 of them, but after a quick email a new order was on its way and they arrived soon after, completely fine. Very happy with the way they run this place, and with their product.
Both my bearded dragons are thriving on the bsfl, I couldn’t get them to eat anything else!


Still a lot were dead.

Great customer service.

They stand by their live guarantee.


Had a shipping issue with UPS, but that’s an issue with UPS not the seller. Even with the delay, they all arrived alive! My bearded dragon refused to eat crickets but he happily munches these down. Best place to buy them!

What happened??

I have been a repeat customer for months on end now, but I don’t know what happened with this order. First when it came, it looked fine, but upon opening, an overwhelming smell of what seemed like fecal matter came from the worm dishes, which has never ever happened to me before. Also, almost every single one of the worms was dark brown and about to turn into flies in the coming days, not usual either. Lastly, I stuck my hand down in to just feel the grains the worms are packed in, and I ended up having some brown slimy liquid on my hand that smelled straight like feces. I ended up having to throw both of the bins of worms out, in fear of harming my little beardie. I’ve never ever had an issue like this before so I’m baffled on how this happened. Very disappointed tho :(

Everything went as hoped

Nice BSFL arrived safely and alive, fat and happy. I do wish there was some sort of overnight or expedited delivery option available as the heat makes me nervous. But I guess as long as they arrive alive I shouldn't worry so five stars it is!


Very happy with my purchase. Awesome customer service as well!

Excellent customer service

First order was excellent. Our second order arrived almost completely dead. Emailed and received a replacement within 2 days. Super impressed.

Great customer service + chameleon loves them

I first heard about this company through the Chameleon breeder podcast and I decided that I wanted to try to feed my panther chameleon some black soldier fly larvae. My shipment came in DOA but that’s because It’s hot in south Texas and it was understandable. Symton BSF sent a replacement order and they were all alive and they really took care of me. My chameleon loved them from the start and I have no complaints... except when my mister accidentally sprayed some water into the feeder cup and I found the larvae escaping on the floor but that was my fault. Great product over all.


I liked what these came in much better than when I order elsewhere. Very easy to sift through for feedings. I also like how they include extras even though all of mine arrived alive :) set up on auto shipping to keep them coming and for the discount.

Best quality feeders for my beardies

Package arrived with all alive and lasted for a good while. Very nice large feeders. My beardies love them and I have noticed a significant growth spurt after switching from dubias to the BSFL. Have subscribed now and will be a loyal cust. for life!!


These are amazing! Our fluffy loves them and the keep very well!

On Time and The healthiest

Great staple feeder, my bearded dragon loves them!!!

She loves her soldier fly larvae!!

Great customer service

My original order of 1000 bugs showed up DOA, Symton made good by having a 100% live shipment to me in less than a week. 👍🏼👍🏼

Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Great Product

My customers have unanimously need very happy with this product. Many have been back multiple times to restock. Highly recommend!

Beardies gobble them up

Just leave a bowl of em and let them chow down. Substrate of the worms is super nice and sifts with a scooper real easy. 20% extra is always a bonus too.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

1000 BSFL

Great Product,Fast Shipping,Will Definitely Order Again!!

Amazing tons of fly's !!!

Was so happy to find I definitely got my fly's n most likely more ! Great buy thx

A bunch of them were dead.

I will order again give it another shot.