See what everybody says about Symton™ Black Soldier Fly! The best quality black soldier fly, and the best quality customer service!
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On time and all alive! Great company!!


Arrived super fast. Alive and wiggling!

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

As Advertised

All arrived alive and as advertised. Slight delay in shipment due to holidays but they sent me an email warning me, so no biggie.

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Thank you!!

Everything was perfect! What i got lasted awhile! Great quality.

Twas fast

Came in fast and all were alive

Loyal customer becoming impatient

I’ve been getting a weekly shipment of 1,000 worms every week for the past few months. Usually, I’ll receive my order two-three days after my shipment date... lately, my orders have been coming in a week late. This has been upsetting because it leaves me to frantically find other worms/feeders for my little growing beardie. I got this subscription to not worry about ever having a shortage but it’s becoming an expensive annoyance rather than convenience. I hope this issue resolves soon because I really love this product and their service I’m used to. These worms are the best, I just wish they wouldn’t send out my shipment 4 days later than promised.


On time delivery. BSFL were plentiful and all alive. Great to do business with you.

Second time purchasing from them, they arrive in a timely manor and are always alive. Will be purchasing more

Beardies love them!

My beardies love these as part of their varied diet!

love the bowl

i bought the large one and it was smaller than i expected. the first time i used it all the bsfl escaped within a couple minutes! did some research and read they can crawl extremely well when wet. since then i use a metal screen colander thing to filter the worms from the media instead of water and they can't escape when dry. i can leave them in all day long and not have one worm escape. i wouldn't recommend a smaller size than large for a beardie, but it works as good as advertised.

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

I ordered small but very happy with the medium. I received...however there were quiet a few that were dead. One container was fine but the other one wasnt that many in there.


definitely going to be a forever client as long as my boys love their BSFL


They were all alive even despite my local fedexs screw up. Will order again!

Wonderful as always!

The larvae are always shipped quickly and are always alive and well when they get to me. My dragon absolutely loves them!

I bought the Symton sifter as well as I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality and ease of getting the substrate off of the larvae. Thank you for always having top quality products!!

Fast quality!

Love the easy to sift out, barely any dead worms, all perfect size!!!

Perfect as always

No dead loss, easy to use, my beadies love them!

Exactly what I was looking for

Amazing as Always!

I always have troubles ordering insects during the winter. I don't even bother trying to order crickets at this point. But I have 4 adult chameleons and 7 babies to feed. I ordered large for my breeders and smalls for the babies and they love them! They also love the flies when they hatch out. They are the easiest feeders to keep happy and they last a long time unlike many others.

All were alive and traveled a long way!


Great service and product!

Black fly tee shirt

Purchased for a present. I like the graphic. Probably will get one for myself

Great bugs!

I ordered 1,000 and I was sent 1,200!!!! All of them arrived alive! If I had to complain about something, it’d be how hard it was to rinse the larvae clean. I ended up cleaning the whole container and put the larvae in coconut fiber to make it easier for feeding time. However, I still give 5 stars for the live arrival and the extra 200!!!! My beardies love them!!!