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Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Fast Shipping!!!

All arrived active and alive! Very fast shipping! Will order again!

Great quality

First time ordering and it won’t be the last! great value for the amount and they arrived alive and the perfect size. My toads love them!

Wish I had ordered from you guys sooner!

I’ve places orders for the soldier fly larvae a few places and this was by far the best experience! Came on time, unharmed and the worms looked great! Definitely recommend them.

Yummy Yummy

These BSF arrived the day before Hurricane Florence hit and they were a lifesaver - all the local areas ran out of bearded dragon foods but my little guy was happy as could be to eat his BSF through all the rainstorms. Thank you!!

Healthy and Reliable

I like to always have these on hand since my beardie loves them and they are a healthy staple alongside her salads. Highly recommend.

Live BSFL for Breeder & Zoos

My dragon thanks you

I have a juvenile bearded dragon who has been rather picky with his insects...However, he gobbles these up!! The mediums are a perfect size for him now as well! Thank you!

Less than expected

While the flies are great, there was definitely a lot less than my order quantity. I fed my two Beardies their correct amounts and ended up running out a lot sooner than expected.

Medium Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Small Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Large Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

I can't order anything...I found what I want but I can't order

Love them

I love them. They are the easiest things to feed my dragons. They don't stink and they do not make noise and they also last a long time. They are also very good for them! Thank you.

good product, good deal

good product, good deal, quick shipment. The coconut coir seems dry upon arrival, but this isn't the only place that ships them like this. I'm just always concerned that the little larvae are gonna dry out. Anyway, I added them to three trays of spent apple pressings today. I'm very pleased!

5 stars!

Our bearded dragon is very happy with these BSF larvae! The quality is great and the subscription option is great because I never forget to reorder!

Third time

This is my third time ordering and I'm still 100% satisfied with every aspect. Ordering, free shipping, cost and quality/condition of product is all top notch. I'll definitely continue business with Symton and the subscribe and save option is looking more tempting since my beardie is growing so fast.

Bearded Dragon Food

My beardie loves his BSF meals and the larvae were just what he wanted. Thank you for your quick mailing and safe delivery of the tasty treats!

Great as always

Bugs always get here promptly with very few dead! And you can’t beat the price

Great company

I’ve ordered from Symton quite a few times now and every time they are quick to fulfill orders, the quality of the BSFL is great, and they have fantastic customer service. I’ve been very happy with all of my orders, and my beardie loves the larvae. Her sheds are great and she’s growing so quickly; making the switch to BSFL was the best thing I could have done for her.

First time order

This was my first time ordering the black soldier fly larvae. They arrived on time and all very lively. My Bearded Dragon loves them. I've had them a week now in the fridge and they are still alive and kicking. Crickets would have slaughtered each other by now.

Fast Shipping and all Alive!

I was worried they might not be alive since it was 100+ at one point. My hope was coming from Texas to Texas, they would be ok and they were! I have a very happy beardie :) fyi -
Medium is the perfect size for our 2 month old beardie.

10/10 Will Continue To Purchase

I was super impressed by the speed of the order processing and shipping, and when I got my order of 1000 large BSF larvae, they didn't reek of ammonia/vinegar like the overpriced store ones tend to, I haven't found a single dead one yet. My baby nearded dragon wasn't too sure what to do with them at first, but now he's eating them up til his belly is full and he loves them! This is the best price I've ever found for them and I'm so glad I found you guys.

Super happy!

Arrived alive, great prices, very happy with my order!

Great Quality and Best Value

Symton's bsfl comes in a great pckage with gigh-quality larvae and with free expedited shipping at a price you can't beat. I highly recommend them for beardies and other lizards.