Who is Symton Inc?

Symton Inc is one of the OGs in the field of black soldier fly commercialization. Various members of our tribe possess graduate degrees in entomology and animal science and blah blah blah... but all of the tribe is fully trained and experienced in all aspects of black soldier fly larvae rearing and production.

We have optimized our custom larvae diet for maximum nutritional benefits for your pets, and guarantee you are getting the best quality black soldier fly larvae in all of the land!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding BSF farming, we would love to nerd out with you, any time.

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Symton Crew Posing on a Picnic Table

Quality & Expertise

With a team of entomologists and animal science experts, Symton Inc sets the standard in feeder insect quality. Our optimized larvae diet ensures your pets receive unparalleled nutritional benefits.

Sustainability & Impact

We're committed to environmental stewardship. Every week we donate BSFL to reptile rescues, and our insect frass as a soil amendment champions sustainable practices in gardening and farming.

Customer Commitment

From quality assurance to exceptional service, we stand behind our products with a live delivery and quality guarantee, reflected in thousands of 5-star reviews from our community of pet lovers.

Innovation & Education

We believe in continuous improvement and sharing knowledge. We actively work with researchers and offer educational resources to advance the care of pets and sustainable insect farming.

Our FARMily

Lauren Taranow Headshot

Lauren "LT" Taranow


Running things. Not much I am not involved with. Responsible for any and all puns in email blasts and ad campaigns.

Consulting on all things insect farming.

Lindsey Adams Headshot

Lindsey Adams

Customer Success

"I'm the one you yell at when things don't go your way." Her patience is unrivaled. I don't believe she has ever received a friendly email in her life.

Brian Kimble Headshot

Brian Kimble

Business Development

Excels at building strategic partnerships and uncovering new avenues for revenue.

Breaks the website like once a month.

Avery Murray Headshot

Avery Murray

Production Manager

Avery is a rare bird. Despite hurling insults and absurdities at the team daily, somehow she continues to make everyone smile.

Danyell Stoerger Headshot

Danyell Stoerger

Head of Social Media

The gay one that likes teeth.

Emma Spillios Headshot

Emma Spillios

Executive Assistant

"My dad is an exterminator. As my final act of rebellion, I became an insect breeder.

Your move, dad."

Twiggy / Spring Headshot

Spring Yang

Founding Father

Here, but not really.

World-renowned black soldier fly expert.

Very much a big deal.