No Escape Food Bowls
  • No Escape Food Bowls
  • No Escape Food Bowls

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Nice bowl

It’s a little too big for my juvenile Bearded Dragon but I’m sure once he’s big enough and eating more it will be perfect. I should have gone with the medium.

Nice food bowl!

This bowl works great for the BSF larvae and any salad/greens. I used this bowl for feeding some dubias roaches and the small ones were not able to escape. I notice the medium/larger dubias were able to crawl out. Maybe the size of the bowl matters. Works for the BSF tho, at least the medium worms I ordered weren’t able to crawl out. I also liked that the bowl has weight and doesn’t look like it can tip/fall over.

Wow Bigger than i thought..

Bought the XL, much larger than i thought, might have to buy a smaller one at some point, my Bearded Dragon enjoys getting inside of it and eating the worms.

No Escape Ceramic bowl

I like that it’s ceramic and heavy so the bearded dragons can’t flip it over but the larvae still crawls out. The lip should’ve been a little longer

Thanks for your review! Each of the size are meant to fit the respective size of worms, so if you put large worms in a small bowl, there is a big chance that the larvae will escape! But you are right on the material, it's heavy so dragons can't flip it!
No Escape Food Bowls

Perfect design ... this bowl prevents bsf from ever escaping.

No Escape Food Bowls

Are you tired of our frisky black soldier fly larvae escaping from their bowl during mealtimes?
We've got your solution right here!
Our new, "no escape" food bowls have a lip on the inner top ring, so when grubs make it to the top, they fall right back down into the dish again. And did we mention they're made of high-quality ceramic? That's right folks, so there will be no food dish slippage when your hungry critter goes wild over our BSFL - that bowl will not be moving.
Seriously, mealtime has never been so easy.
Also works with other crawling insects such as mealworms, waxworms, superworms, or even dubia roaches (nymphs only)!

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