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Insect Flight

  • $40.00
Our NEW insect flights come with a variety of insect feeders to make any insectivore happy!

Insect flights contain FOUR different feeder insects, allowing you to try out new treats and staples, while staying true to the classics. Keep your pet on their toes with a selection of black soldier fly larvae, Dubia roaches, waxworms, and hornworms. Our BSFL and Dubia roaches make great staple feeders, while our hornworms and waxworms make great occasional treats! This combo can NOT be found anywhere else! 

 Insect flights are great for new reptile owners who have not yet discovered their pet's favorites.

Each pack comes with your choice of small, medium, or large feeding-grade black soldier fly larvae, Dubia roaches, hornworms, and waxworms. 

Combo Size # BSF # Dubia # Hornworms # Waxworms
Small 500 25 12 50
Medium 250 25 12 50
Large 200 25 12 50

We cannot ship this combo pack to Florida, Hawaii, or outside the US.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The Wonders of Flight!

Wonderful variety of buggies for both my Bearded Dragons!! I love it! I did pay for 2-day shipping as since COVID and weather hit there always can be delivery delays I was worried about them arriving alive. All of the buggies arrived alive!! I love the concept behind the flight of feeders. My spoiled boys like a variety and this has been the best idea ever! Great feeders! Great minds!! Thank you Symtom!


Bought this for two Red Eye Tree Frogs and my Beardie. The RETF's eat the grub and my beardie eats *everything*! I'm so glad I found BSF larvae but this Flight is a great wait to spoil your babies.

My beardie love em

He loves the flight! Horned worms were a little big for him though and ordered small.

Fast, convenient

My beardie absolutely loves the variety. The Bugs came fast! Super satisfied definitely would recommend

Amazing service!

Try items arrived alive and my baby enjoyed them very much! Fast shipping! Will be ordering again very soon!

Treat Your Beardie!

My dragon loves this assortment of juicy feeders! BSFL and Dubias are part of his weekly diet but waxworms and horn worms are a nice treat now and then. This package is also very affordable for all of the insects you get. My local pet stores never have horn worms in stock but Symton delivers!

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