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Symton® Black Soldier Fly

Symton® Reptile Starter Pack

Symton® Reptile Starter Pack

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Symton® Reptile Starter Pack

The box that broke the internet is back and badder than ever! The Symton®
Reptile Starter Pack comes with a variety of items to make feeding your pet a breeze!

Each box comes with small/medium/large feeding-grade black soldier fly larvae (you choose!), one can of preserved Dubia roaches, a Symple Sifter, Symtongs, a Symple Scooper, and a No-Escape Food Bowl, plus a Symton® T-Shirt and some stickers -- an $80 value, yours for only $60. Did we mention the beautiful box they arrive in? The reuse/recycle opportunities are rather endless at this point...

At feeding time, use the Symple Sifter to separate the larvae from the substrate. Then, grab our convenient Symple Scooper or Symtongs to snatch them up! Finally, place them in your new No Escape Food Bowl so they stay put for your pet.

SUMMER 2023 UPDATE: In order to qualify for our Live Arrival Guarantee, an ice pack must be added to your order.

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