Black Soldier Fly Prepupae

Black Soldier Fly Prepupae

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+ Symton® fertile black soldier fly prepupae have all reached the genetic potential for optimized reproduction purposes.
+ Sex can only be determined at the time of hatching - ratio of male to female is about 1:1.
+ Expect between 500-900 eggs from each fertilized female.
+ Great for a jump-start towards fly breeding.
+ Realistic hatching rate is 98% at 27 °C.
+ Prepupae are packaged based on weight. Each pupa ranges from 0.1 g to 0.20 g, varying from harvest to harvest.

Customer Reviews

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10,000 bsfl prepupae.

What can I say other than the team over at has been a fantastic supplier of staple feeders for us and this is just another one of their products that does not disappoint.


Black Soldier Fly Prepupae

Always the best

I recently switched to pre-pupae because my pets also like eating the adult flies and I’m very happy I did. Flies within a week of arriving to my house. The chameleons and geckos go crazy for them.

Good product.

These pre-pupae arrived in good condition, many were already morphed to pupae which I expected; good high protein content for my 6 month old beardie. Honest feedback: I was rather unimpressed by the substrate; it was a mixture of dirt, which is good, and lots of 3cm fibers/hairs, which is not. I now have to spend a lot of time cleaning all the hairs off before I can feed them to my beardie. The sandy substrate used for the smaller BSFL was much easier to work with and I would recommend packing the prepupae with that instead - or at least don't include the fibers/hairs.

Great product, better company

I placed an order for black soldier flies larvae for composting purposes. When trouble with shipment meant that the box arrived heavily damaged and the larvae had escaped, the company was quick to rectify the situation. It's been a few weeks and the BSFL are doing well. I've already recommended them to family and friends, and will continue to do so in the future.


Very happy with my purchase. Awesome customer service as well!

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