Black Soldier Fly Prepupae

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Arrived one day early and very healthy

I would definitely order again from Symton.
I wanted these prepupae for starting a BSF compost and insect rearing experiment.
So far going well, but I'm not seeing any eggs from the BSF. Hope to get reproduction going here so I can keep the effort going.

Thanks for the review Penny! I hope all goes well with your experiment :)
Late- But fantastic!

The order shipped late but it didn't appear that there was a single dead maggot in the entirety of the two cups. The flies hatched out healthy and my chameleons loved them.

Very good

Thanks for insulating it, all of them arrived alive and wriggling

Black Soldier Fly Prepupae


+ Symton's fertile black soldier fly prepupae have all reached the genetic potential for optimized reproduction purposes.

+ Sex can only be determined at the time of hatching - ratio of male to female is about 1:1.

+ Expect between 500-900 eggs from each fertilized female.

+ Great for a jump-start towards fly breeding.

+ Realistic hatching rate is 98% at 27 °C.

+ Prepupae are packaged based on weight. Each pupa ranges from 0.1 g to 0.20 g, varying from harvest to harvest.

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