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  1. Products are not for repackaging for resale
  2. All purchases are with a flat shipping fee.
  3. Members of the Breeder & Zoo group will receive a 10% coupon code customized to "your business name" for customers to use. (Note: you may also sign up for our reward program to earn points, which translate to $$, for referring new customers).
  4. Members receive an additional discount for setting up a recurring order.  

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Email us at:
In your email, please let us know the following information: 
+ your referral (if applicable),
+ the quantity you expect to order every month,
+ your primary running web page (can be a social media page), &
+ what types of animals you are taking care of
We will reply to your email shortly with an invitation for you to complete enrollment.
Once your enrollment is completed, you will have immediate access to the program page.