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Symton® Black Soldier Fly

Sift & Scoop Combo

Sift & Scoop Combo

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Symton's™ Sift & Scoop Combo allows you to quickly sift away substrate from insects and conveniently scoop them up to serve. Easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect for use with Symton™ Black Soldier Fly Larvae. 

• Quickly and easily sift substrate away from feeder larvae.
• Easy to use and easy to clean
• Symple Sifter color varies upon availability
• Free Shipping


1 Symple Sifter

1 Symple Scooper

Symple Sifters are not recommended for small BSFL, as they may slip through with substrate. For best results, use with Medium BSFL and Large BSFL.

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