• Wordwide Supply of Black Soldier Fly Eggs

    As we are getting inquiries of black soldier fly eggs from all over the world, we want to provide this price list which contains all our trusted partners that can supply high-quality eggs, from every part of the world. 

    Region/Country Unit Price Minimum Qty
    South Korean USD$10 per gram plus shipping 10 grams
    Malaysia USD$7 per gram plus shipping 10 grams
    China USD$2 per gram plus shipping 50 grams
    Nigeria Please contact for pricing 10 grams
    Kenya Please contact for pricing 10 grams

    *Please send order inquiries to spring@symtonbsf.com
    *Each egg center can only ship products within the respective country.

    *If you are looking for a local supply of black soldier fly eggs and it's not listed on here, please contact spring@symtonbsf.com for an updated list.

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    • Nik M Ismail says...

      How many gram of BSF eggs needed to produce 1 metric ton of larvae?

      September 23, 2020

    • Nevena Pavlova says...

      Hi I would like to buy from Bulgaria.
      Please email me at the above email.

      September 23, 2020

    • Denis says...

      Hello,I need to know the price for Spain and delivery conditions, thanks a lot

      September 21, 2020

    • Sushmita Giri says...

      Hi, i am from nepal and would like to buy atleast 10 gms of bsf eggs to kathmandu, nepal. Thank you.

      August 31, 2020

    • Max says...

      I am looking for about 10 egg or 200 500 gram live larvae of BSF for Belgium.
      Contact us to reza.m.dvm. —at- gma.com

      August 24, 2020

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