• Wordwide Supply of Black Soldier Fly Eggs

    As we are getting inquiries of black soldier fly eggs from all over the world, but we cannot export eggs to outside of the USA, we provide this list as reference. 

    Region/Country Unit Price Minimum Qty Contact
    South Africa USD$1.5/g plus shipping (eggs, shipped worldwide; neonates available for local shipment) 50 grams info@inseco.co.za
    South Africa USD$2.4/g plus shipping (neonates, shipped worldwide) 10 grams sales@bsfbreeding.com
    South Korean USD$10 per gram plus shipping 10 grams jason@nutri.kr
    Malaysia USD$5 per gram plus shipping 10 grams entomal.epcc@gmail.com
    Indonesia USD$3 per gram plus shipping 10 grams husnieffendi4@gmail.com
    China USD$2 per gram plus shipping (ship worldwide) 50 grams gzflysource@foxmail.com
    Nigeria USD$1 per gram plush shipping 100 grams
    Kenya Please contact for pricing 10 grams
    India USD$2.5/g plus shipping 10 grams ankitbagaria@loopworm.in

    *Vendors do not have business association with Symton Inc

    *Please send order inquiries to respective contact person, if not available please contact spring@symtonbsf.com

    * If you want to be on the list, just email spring@symtonbsf.com with the information required on the above form

    *Each egg center can only ship products within the respective country unless specifically stated

    *If you are looking for a local supply of black soldier fly eggs and it's not listed on here, please contact spring@symtonbsf.com for an updated list

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    • Spring Yang says...

      To those who want to be our supplier, please email spring@symtonbsf.com

      July 10, 2019

    • Philopateer Shamroukh says...

      To whom it may concern,

      I want to be a Symton bsf breeder in Egypt.

      Thank you

      May 19, 2019

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