Jumbo Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Best BSFL on the market

Are you kidding? 500 for $19 and FREE SHIPPING?! All mine arrived alive and well, despite the cold weather. They are huge and readily gutloading on the produce I give them. Couldn't be happier


Jumbo Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Bugs are few of his favorite things

Awesome sized worms! My dragon is in love with these! So am I since they large enough to fetch out of container! Lol They look great and health. Will be treating bearded dragons to these now!!

most amazing product most amazing service

you guys are amazing the jumbo grubs are enormous, my dragon cannot turn them away, not that he ever turned the smaller ones away but these ones drive him crazy and stimulate his appetite like no other. I will continue to only buy from you guys because your the best and the most affordable!!! keep up the good work you have a customer for life!! I highly recommend them if any one is on the fence, I have ordered for over a year and never received a single dead larvae, so the extra 10% the give you just in case has always been just a bonus!!

1000 Jumbo BSFL Order

Due to cold weather, shipment was delayed, as expected. Glad they delayed it because it was cold here in Ohio too. Received a free bug grabber due to the delay. BSFL look healthy. Seem a little smaller than expected, but will still get the job done for what I need them for. Bearded dragons love them. Got the strainer and that has been working well. Hoping to attempt breeding some of the flies with all of the info from YouTube channel.

Jumbo Feeding-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Jumbo feeding-grade black soldier fly larvae are excellent for larger-sized adult reptiles, and reptiles with big appetites!

Length: > 0.75 inches               Weight: > 0.15 grams

Symton black soldier fly larvae are raised on a probiotic treated, grain & grass diet, and contain high levels of calcium. Their balanced Calcium:Phosphorus ratio makes them the ideal staple diet for your reptiles, with no need for additional dusting.
We guarantee live delivery, and always include an additional 10% with your order to ensure satisfaction. The shelf-life of our grubs is at least 2 weeks if stored as instructed.

*This product is not intended to be used as medicine or occasional snack to treat Metabolic Bone Disease -- this product must be provided on a regular basis to prevent or cease development of MBD.

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