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Best dried BSFL ever!!

These are less greasy and larger than other dried BSFL I’ve gotten from other suppliers. My chickens LOVE these. I now won’t go anywhere else for live (for dragons & geckos) or dried!


I originally bought these as a back up but my beardy loves them so much I started supplementing part of his live bsfl with these to save money-the only thing I’m not real happy about is that they only come in the one size and they are too big for my bearded dragon to eat (crunchy foods can only be as long as the space between their eyes) so I have to cut them in half before feeding but they’re so cheap that it’s still worth it!

Beardies love them

It took a few times offering before they were willing to try them and at first they would only eat them on top of their greens, but my beardies seem to really enjoy them now. If I offer both live BSFL and pop worms, they always go for the pop worms first. I think they like the crunch.

As an aside, they smell surprisingly good. I don't know how fit for human consumption BSFL are, but with the rise in gourmet insect products a popworms option for people might be something to look into! I'd try it!

He loves them!

Wasn’t sure if my bearded dragon would like them or not but gave them a try anyway. Mixed them with his live bsfl and he gobbled them all up.

Picky bearded dragon

I bought this for my bearded dragon and he won’t touch them really bummed out, It has nothing to do with the product
product was great you get a lot it’s just my beardy he is being picky


My beardie didn’t seem to like them at first, but she eats them when I put them on top of her salad! I think it’s safe to say she likes them. Thanks guys!

PopWorms! Premium


High calcium and protein treat that pops!

Nutrients that last a year!

These black soldier fly larvae have been dried using a novel method which minimizes nutrient loss during the drying process. PopWorms! Premium have a higher protein content than other similar treats on the market. The PUFFY and CRUNCHY texture is unique and addicting - reptiles will surely love it just as much as they love the live ones! With the balanced Ca:P ratio, when you use them regularly as crouton on their salad or simply as a treat, you don't need to use any calcium supplements for your reptiles. Each 3 ounce cup contains > 2,500 dried black soldier fly larvae.

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