• We're adjusting shipping prices on March 1st

    Symton black soldier fly is making a change to UPS as our shipping provider, in order to provide our customers with more reliable, customizable deliveries. On March 1st, we will begin charging a $2.95 flat-rate shipping fee on all new orders to reflect the value users get from the new shipping features coming your way.

    This pricing change will not affect current subscription holders; you are grandfathered into your current free shipping plan. However, should you choose to cancel your subscription after March 1st, the new shipping rate will be applied to any following orders/subscriptions you create following this date. Shipping prices will also increase for new members of our Breeders and Zoos program, from $10 to $12.95 per parcel.

    Want to lock in our free shipping before the change is made? Simply create a subscription on our website before February 28th (at midnight) and we'll honor our previous shipping rate.

    1. vague and unpredictable delivery times
    2. additional steps for the customer to have packages held at the local post office
    3. limited notifications regarding delivery
    4. packages at risk for exposure to extreme weather conditions and porch pirates!
    1. email or text notification the day before the shipment arrives
    2. delivery notification
    3. ability to reschedule deliveries
    4. reroute packages to your workplace, the neighbor’s house or a nearby UPS Access Point
    5. live map view of exactly where your package is

     For most customers, this is a modest price increase. No matter how this price adjustment affects you, you'll want to act now to get the best pricing possible. Subscribe to auto-shipments today and guarantee free shipping on your pets' favorite staple feeder, Symton Black Soldier Fly Larvae!

    Have any questions or concerns? Get in contact with us at help@symtonbsf.com, or click the mail icon below. We'll get back to you shortly! (:

    Thanks always,
    ~Team Symton


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    • Deanna DeTar says...

      I had 2 subscriptions in my account. I canceled one. I would like to have 1000 sent every 4 weeks but can’t find where to adjust quantities.
      Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.
      Deanna DeTar

      January 07, 2020

    • philips says...

      pls do u ship bsf egg to africa nigeria to be precise. thanks

      April 28, 2019

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